Paid for by Friends of Tali

We got a ton of large format campaign cards from Tali Farhadian Weinstein, one of the Democratic Primary candidates for Manhattan District Attorney. That is the office that will be hopefully prosecuting the former president and present danger, Mr. Trump in the coming months. It’s also the office that let Ivanka and Don Jr. skate a few years ago for some arguable fraud in connection with the Trump SoHo.

Tali has the bones of a compelling story, her family having fled tyranny and oppression in Iran. The Voter Guide gives us this capsule biography:

Tali Farhadian Weinstein (D)

Farhadian Weinstein, who came to New York from Iran as a child, is a professor of law and most recently served as general counsel for the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office. Previously, she worked as a federal prosecutor.

Then I learned the reason she was able to send us so many glossy campaign ads (and show up daily in ads in the New York Times) is that she is married to a hedge fund guy and he and his friends have a shit ton of money. The NY Times:

Ms. Farhadian Weinstein has raised more money than any of her competitors, including $8.2 million she gave to her own campaign.


Asked if she would recuse herself from any case involving one of her donors, she said she would not. Presumably there is no reason to, since she is scrupulously fair, having escaped oppression as a girl.

The standard for recusal, of course, is “the appearance of impropriety”, though it is often interpreted as a subjective standard with plenty of wiggle room — it is difficult to force anyone to recuse themselves. A big warning flag went up for me when she told the interviewer there was no reason for her not to oversee the prosecution of one of her big donors, if it came to that.

Then we learned the 45 year-old first registered as a Democrat in 2017.

Then we got this mysterious attack ad, aimed at knocking out the two men running for Manhattan DA, one of whom happens to be apparent co-front runner Alvin Bragg.

In politics, increasingly, people do whatever they need to do to win, to gain and retain power. Attack ads seem to work, particularly when they arrive close to election day. They scare people, make them angry, make them go to the polls to vote against the sick, sneaky bastard who was attacked.

The strategy is tried and true, but it was not clear that Tali Farhadian Weinstein had sent the card savaging the two men in the DA race. Sekhnet and I read the card several times before the eagle-eyed Sekhnet found what we suspected was likely the case (it is in fairly small print under the address, extreme right above): Paid for By New Yorkers for Tali.

The People rest. Get the fuck out of here, Tali.

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