Amazing Act of Bravery By Marjorie Taylor-JewAnon

The dynamic 47 year-old extremist freshman member of Congress made a ridiculous and hateful comparison last month between officials who mandate the wearing of masks during an infectious airborne pandemic and the Nazi perpetrators of “The Holocaust” who forced Jews to wear “gold stars”. Mask wearing mandates, in her opinion, are the same as what the Nazis did when they forced Jews to wear stars and operated death camps where millions were killed (and the passive voice used).

Asked about her headline grabbing comment afterwards, she did what her savvy fundraising type always does, she “doubled down” to delight her contrarian base. Making someone wear a paper mask is the same as Hitler himself forcing you to wear a gold star, gassing you and shoving your corpse into an oven, so there! Fortunately for her, the party she aspires to lead is very tolerant of this kind of arguable hate speech, the First Amendment (for their speech) is almost as sacred to them as the Second Amendment.

A few weeks later, for some reason, she visited the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC. It is a moving exhibit, as you walk from room to room, floor to floor, you experience the various stages of the mass murder over the course of those horrific final Hitler years. First you are put in a special category, your civil rights stripped away, state sanctioned violence increases. Then you lose your citizenship and are stateless, without the protection of any national government. Then you’re forced to move into crowded disease infested ghettos. Eventually they put you into overstuffed cattle cars and ship you East, where, if you don’t die during the brutal trip, you will either be worked to death or immediately gassed.

Sekhnet and I will never forget the room full of shoes and the mountain of human hair shorn from victims and put to all sorts of uses by the industrious Nazi state. There is a large photo of a woman on the wall, a victim of the Nazis, with a beautiful soulful face, one of her dark eyes not quite aligned with the other. Her face is particularly haunting, staring sightlessly over this room of shoes and hair. The freshman Congresswoman from Georgia was apparently also moved by her walk through the museum.

Then she stepped in front of the cameras to apologize for making the mistaken comparison between mask mandates and Hitler’s insane mass murder project (and doubling down on that comparison, one assumes).

Not easy, to admit being wrong, to express sorrow for a public statement. Many people find it almost impossible to do this, even in their personal lives. Many in her party have never done it, will never do it. Rather than being seen as a sign of humility and sensitivity, apologizing is seen in our culture as an admission of weakness and the cultural reflex against admitting fault is strong. So, you’ve got to hand it to her, she summoned the integrity to admit she was wrong, acknowledge that there really was a deliberate, mechanized Nazi mass murder of millions (contrary to the doubts many of her supporters might have about it) and that perpetrating the Holocaust was much worse than forcing people to wear masks in crowded public places to slow the spread of a highly infectious disease. It had been a mistake, she said, to compare the two things.

That said, the Democrats, in her opinion, are still acting like a bunch of Nazis, with their dangerous “national socialism,” but she was wrong to compare mask mandates to that terrible event that was the crowning glory of the Nazi regime.

Still, you know how unforgiving fucking liberals are. There’s no satisfying some of these loser bastards. Here’s Stephen Colbert:

I try to be fair, so here is the noxious Nazi piece of shit’s apology for her mistake, as edited by Forbes (you won’t see her smiling assurance that Democrats are still Nazis — oh, that doubling down was in response to a reporter’s smart-ass question, after she delivered her heartfelt written apology):

Here is the Washington Post’s take on her learned remarks about the party of powerful Jewish pedophile cannibal Satanists being Nazis:

Despite the name, the Nazi party was not a socialist party; it was a right-wing, ultranationalist party. Even so, Greene told attendees at the rally in May: “You know, Nazis were the National Socialist Party. Just like the Democrats are now a national socialist party.”

Asked Monday about that statement, Greene declined to disavow it and instead renewed her criticism of Democrats.

“You know, socialism is extremely dangerous, and so is communism,” she told reporters. “And anytime a government moves into policies where there’s more control and there’s freedoms taken away, yes, that’s a danger for everyone. And I think that’s something that we should all be wary of. … I’ll never stop saying we have to save America and stop socialism.”


Preach, Marjorie!

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