The Boston Globe nails it — MAGA man must be prosecuted

In a six part series, which any American (or anyone else) can read without encountering a pay wall (Mexicans will pay for the paywall…) the Boston Globe editorial board makes a clear, overwhelmingly strong case for the need to prosecute the former president if we are to save American democracy.

As simpering Trump toady Lindsey Graham put it, after voting to acquit the commander-in-chief who’d incited a violent attack on the Capitol, doubling down on his desperate efforts to prevent the peaceful transition of power (one of his last big crimes in office) “if you believe he committed a crime, he can be prosecuted like any other citizen.”  Indeed.

Here’s a link to the conclusion of the Boston Globe series making the final argument for prosecution (the previous five parts, which I have not yet fully read, are linked below by the Globe). Nicely done, y’all are wicked smart.

The first installment in the short series starts this way:

Boston is an ANARCHIST JURISDICTION, the Globe editors suite is crawling with lying transexual anarchist antikhrist covfefes

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