Democracy loses in the Senate 35-54

Fair is fair, when dealing with uncompromising transactional extremists.

In fairness to the 35 courageous Republicans who showed up today to vote for the filibuster to block formation of a bipartisan commission to investigate the January 6 riot, they and many close colleagues might well be implicated in the planned insurrection, or just as bad, forced to commit perjury if called to testify, so you can hardly blame them for objecting.

Some who voted “nay” today may well have career-related reasons for paranoia and legitimate concern, particularly those, like Lyin’ Ted Cruz [1], Tom Cotton, Josh Hawley, Ron Johnson from Wisconsin, Lindsey, who made fiery speeches about the millions of Americans who believe the election had been stolen from their leader, how they are entitled to a special commission to thoroughly investigate disproven claims of voter fraud to protect the integrity of the election process before Biden could be sworn in, and then, after the riot, voted to block certification of Joe Biden’s victory. Then amplified ridiculous claims to keep the lie that fomented the riot alive in everyone’s social media feed, on cable news and all over the internet.

There are many intriguing questions we don’t yet have answers to about Trump’s MAGA riot at the Capitol, basic questions of fact.

For example, how many of the rioters currently on trial for violently breaching the Capitol on January 6th were given guided tours of the building by radical new members of Congress, like the Jew-loving firebrand from Georgia, on January 5th?

How many then headed over to the torchlit rally headlined by fiery Q-Anon enthusiast Mike “Lock Her Up” Flynn and self-proclaimed Republican Ratfucker Roger Stone that night?

How many members of Congress, and their staff, were out in the ruckus on the streets of DC, excitedly whooping it up the night before the riot, fraternizing with the extremist “militias” and those ready to fight the Steal?

Many simple questions will require perjury to answer in a way favorable to Mr. Trump.

Was Kevin McCarthy’s colleague lying when she affirmed, in an affidavit introduced at the second impeachment trial, that Trump had told an agitated McCarthy “Well, Kevin, I guess some people are more upset about this than you are” and that Kevin responded “who the fuck do you think you’re talking to?”

Yes or no question, Kevin.

Was your colleague lying when she swore to the veracity of those two quotes?

As Robert Reich wrote yesterday, on the eve of the rigged vote to further obstruct justice:

The 35 GOP zealots who gave the thumbs down on debate may have shot themselves in the demanding Trump’s dick today, though. A Democratic party controlled House Select Committee will be far worse for them than the bipartisan one they negotiated for, and then, after Democrats agreed to all their terms, voted to prevent debate on.

Showing as much character, integrity and artistry in deal-making as their leader himself. They filibuster because their dear leader can’t get over his temper tantrum about the election he insists was stolen from him, in spite of his muscular efforts to rig it in his favor.

That’s the real devilish ugliness of the filibuster — it prevents DEBATE, public discussion of the merits of the issue under consideration. In the legislative house where open debate is required before lawmakers decide what is best for our great nation, or, as today, with the prevention of any debate, what is in the best interests of an insane giant baby.

Paging senators Manchin and saucy Kyrsten Fucking Cinema…


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