Being a winner must feel great, Sir!

I can only imagine how great it must feel to be so handsome, super strong, completely stable, a genius, have so many great words, be eternally happy — and witty– so successful in business that you’re a self-made multibillionaire and so successful in politics that a record 74,000,000 Americans turned out to vote for you after watching you literally rule for five years, including the campaign in 2016 during which you crushed all opponents and which led to a world-historical landslide victory, and another, even greater, landslide victory in 2020 (even if it was stolen from you by an unholy coalition of Black Lives Matter, antifa and traitorous, cowardly state Republican officials, with the disloyal Pence putting the toxic cherry on top).

Some people can only dream of changing the world, not America’s greatest winner — he goes out and does it! My hat’s off to you, sir. Sir, yes SIR!

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