Anti-worker propaganda from the world’s richest man

Can’t even read the aggravating New York Times these days without pandemic-profiteer Jeff Bezos continually sticking his expensive free speech in your face (he has the most insistently intrusive ads I’ve seen anywhere, this one popped up over and over as I scrolled through the online NY Times).

First, more than doubling the federal minimum wage, a radical idea only a few years ago, seems only fair. It’s not like the $600/week for a full-time worker is going to make anyone middle class, but the $15/hr. wage will lift millions out of working poverty. Imagine the difference between making $290 a week and $600 a week. If there is concern about bankrupting small businesses, there can be a tax adjustment for small employers, or some other offset, but none of that has anything to do with the Bezos ad about why he’s supporting this pay increase for our lowest paid citizens.

I guess it’s the same reason Bezos hired some heavy hitters from the stable of Charles Koch to fight back against the ungrateful Amazon sweat-shop workers in Alabama, and elsewhere, who are trying to organize to attack Bezos’s absolute right to have a union-free workforce.

Probably the same reason for the massive public relations effort to villainize the fired New York City Amazon warehouse worker who, during the early days of the pandemic, when the virus was ravaging New York City for the first time, organized a strike seeking safety measures in the warehouse he worked in.

Amazon employees who go public with their complaints are likely to lose their jobs. The corporation prohibits its workers from commenting publicly on any aspect of its business, without prior approval from executives.


It’s not as if 20,000 Amazon workers came down with COVID-19 (that number comes from Amazon itself) or a bunch died of it (nobody can prove those six deaths by May had anything to do with infectious conditions in the crowded warehouses).

A traitorous executive at Facebook released a recording of Jeff’s fellow-billionaire Mark Zuckerberg telling Facebook executives that if the government comes after your company seeking to regulate its operations, its profits, “existential threats”, “you go to the mat” to fight those efforts. You fight like hell, with all the weapons you’ve got, or you’re not going to be one of the ten wealthiest men in the world.

When you are very, very rich, and defending your wealth with top lawyers, public relations teams and advertising is deductible as a business expense, you fight like hell with every means at your disposal not to be taken advantage of by hoards of smelly losers.

You can understand why the freedom loving owners of Texas energy providers would be against coercive regulations that could prevent them from charging $2,000 a day for electricity during a massive, deadly power outage. Supply and Demand, Free Market, motherfuckers.

So, sure, it’s good that the world’s richest man supports a minimum $30,000 a year income for full-time American workers. Nobody should be forced to work for less than that in our wealthy nation. And, yeah, Jeff has long been devoted to seeing the federal minimum wage raised to the same generous $600 a week/$31,200 annually (based on 52 weeks of work) he already voluntarily pays to the vast majority of the full-time workers in his massive workforce. God bless him for it.

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