Yet more senseless waste from the man who flushed billions down the toilet over the years in the name of his vanity

The Washington Post delineates a small bit of the massive chunk of taxpayer dollars that had to be spent because the provocative, lying grifter-in-chief, while bilking his own followers out of half a billion dollars in donations to “defend himself” after a “stolen election,” cost us all a similar amount — and counting — to protect against and repair damage that he did.

One of Trump’s greatest talents is flushing hundreds of millions of other people’s dollars down the toilet (while he famously nickels and dimes everyone who works for him). The reason he got that huge $70,000,000 tax refund that is now in dispute was because he lost a billion dollars in the preceding years while twisting from one bankruptcy to the next.

By all means, and any means necessary, acquit this poor man, Mr. Cruz, Mr. Graham, Mr. Hawley, Tommy Tubaveale, on a shaky technicality if that’s all you’ve got, in his second baseless, unconstitutional, impeachment trial, because the many provable facts of his long, coordinated con (hundreds of Republican officials and appointees colluded with him throughout) to steal the election he claims was stolen from him are really not relevant when measured against the irrational rage of people who simply hate him for no reason, as they hate our freedom, as they hate all White Christians in this white, Christian nation.

Nothing to see here, boys and girls.

Although, personally, I’m riveted by the clear presentation of damning evidence at the impeachment trial. I’m looking forward to the final vote to acquit, GOP senators rising, one after another, to look into the cameras and pronounce, now and for all time … uh…

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