Great ending by Heather Cox Richardson

Historian Heather Cox Richardson has been writing a daily newsletter called Letter from an American, since around the time Trump’s perfect call to get dirt on Biden’s son from Ukrainian president Zelensky became public. I highly recommend you subscribe to her free newsletter (there is a tab at the top of this link). It is a well-curated selection of news developments, snappily well-written and placing ongoing events in historical perspective. It comes into your email inbox, virtually every day, at some point during the wee hours of the early morning and is always worth reading.

Last night’s ended with this great analysis, and killer clinching thought, which follows a description of some of the planning that went into the insurrection at the Capitol, including the meeting, the day before the Capitol Riot, at the Trump hotel in D.C., attended by newly-elected Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville (who, with Trump’s help, defeated disgraced traitor Jeff Sessions in the primary), Michael Flynn, Corey Lewandowski, members of the Trump family and so on [1]:

Former director of the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center Robert Grenier noted yesterday in the New York Times that the United States is facing a violent insurgency and should apply the lessons we have learned about counterinsurgency to head off political violence. Grenier notes that the nation must insist on criminal justice, tracking and trying those responsible for crimes. We must also return the nation to a fact-based debate about issues.

Crucially, Grenier noted that it is a national security imperative to convict the former president and bar him from future elective office. “I watched as enraged crowds in the streets of Algiers, as in most Arab capitals, melted away when Saddam Hussein was ignominiously defeated in the Persian Gulf war,” Grenier wrote. “Mass demonstrations in Pakistan in support of Osama bin Laden fell into dull quiescence when he was driven into hiding after Sept. 11. To blunt the extremists, Mr. Trump’s veneer of invincibility must similarly be crushed.”

In all my years of studying U.S. politics, seamy side and all, I never expected to see the name of an American president in the New York Times in a list comparing him to Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden. But then, I never expected to see an American president urge a mob to storm the U.S. Capitol to overturn an election, either.



News broke yesterday that extremists began planning for an attack on the Capitol in November. The Alabama Political Reporter broke the story on Tuesday that new Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) met on January 5 at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., with the then-director of the Republican Attorneys General Association, an organization that backed the January 6 rally, and with members of the Trump family and the family’s advisors, including Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn and 2016 campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. One of the attendees wrote on Facebook that he was standing “in the private residence of the President at Trump International with the following patriots who are joining me in a battle for justice and truth.”


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