The RADICAL Left storms Capitol to hang Pence

The GOP, after failing to overturn certified election results, is now the party of healing and calming things down, blaming angry Democrats for once again stirring the shit pot by dwelling on an unfortunate invasion of the Capitol nobody saw coming. The title above comes from the equally compelling initial response of official Republicans — that the mob in Trump merch that laid siege to the Capitol was actually, probably, a bunch of radical Antifa and Black Lives Matter terrorists (in white face, presumably) looking to make innocent Trump supporters look bad. You had Trump loyalist Matt Gaetz, from the floor of Congress, indignantly stating this self-evident truth:

I know Matt would appreciate the rugged, masculine frame I put his fighting words in. Matt, I must add, seems to be a total douchebag, although very entitled and coming by it honestly. One can’t help but applaud the sophistication of his defiant “I Know You Are But What am I?”. Far more violence by the LEFT than by his people, you dig, not just a little, but worse by a mile, by far more than a mile.

And, although all FBI threat assessments in recent years (and, notably, there was no threat assessment issued prior to the Trump rage riot of January 6) and leading up to a locked down inauguration, support the opposite of this claim, there is no other reason to doubt Mr. Gaetz’s veracity. As Alan Dershowitz dementedly pointed out defending Trump in his first impeachment “trial”: if he truly believed he wasn’t lying, or if he lied for what he truly believed were the best interests of the country, then he wasn’t lying.

Also, of course, since Reagan ended the Fairness Doctrine in 1987 [1], there is no penalty in American politics for telling massive, easily disprovable lies, which can now be broadcast to the nation with no consequences for the untruthful (you can always later retract any reports based on lies, reported in error, that could make you liable for a crime). As the president knows very well, unless you lie under oath, and they have the balls to indict you, and they can prove you had the intent to commit perjury (rather than simply, say, a ratlike survival instinct), there is no harm and no foul for public lying. They let you do it, when you’re a star.

Virtually all kills in political street confrontations in the USA have been racked up by white male killers from the extreme right, lately Trump’s army — but, it may be equally true that this is false, no? It is considered gauche and provocative to call attention to the sickening fact that angry, armed white men railing in the name of some kind of liberty have killed virtually everybody who was killed by domestic terrorists in the U.S., whether you call these goon squads “right wing militias”, “patriotic white supremacists”, “lynch mobs”, “gunmen” or aspiring “death squads”.

But, of course, that kind of opinion is in the eye of the beholder, really. No facts can be cited, since no records of such violence are kept, or even reported in our newspapers or on TV. When you have an armed mob of angry white men descending on the statehouse in Michigan, pursuant to an angry presidential tweet urging them to rise up and fight the tyranny of a Democrat [sic] governor who is stealing their right to infect whoever the hell they want, and members of said armed mob are later arrested for a conspiracy to kidnap, try and execute the governor, you can say this:

The purpose of these kind of idiotic statements is to nullify any reasonable reliance on inconvenient fact, to destroy critical thinking and make everything subject to “skepticism”. The DOJ at the time of the arrest of these terrorists in Michigan was run by supreme Trump loyalist Bill Barr (a disappointment to the boss when he arbitrarily would not cross certain legal lines for fear of prosecution by a future DOJ). The current FBI director was appointed by Trump, after one who wouldn’t play ball was fired for not dropping an investigation into Trump’s friend, who later pled guilty to a felony and had to be pardoned. These Trump appointees, Barr and FBI director Christopher Wray, had evidence that armed thugs in Michigan had been actively planning the kidnapping, “trial” and public execution of a sitting U.S. governor. The FBI arrested these men, they have been charged with serious crimes and will stand trial in an actual court.

Of course, we’ll have to see if this is a problem. Kraken-releasing Flynn attorney Sidney Powell may have an argument that it’s no problem at all. “Sidney said to me, before Rudy fired her, and many times since — and I’m not paying that Italian shyster for the shit legal service he claims to have provided me and is now trying to gouge me for — Sidney said ‘this is maybe no problem at all, sir’. They all call me ‘sir’, I don’t know why, I tell them to call me Fuckface like my closest friends do, but, you know, I have the best people, the best people…”

We’ll have to see if there’s a problem.

Meanwhile, it is quite possible, according to the Sedition Caucus that attempted to overturn certified election results in several states, that, just days before Trump leaves office, dangerous and insane RADICAL DEMOCRAT hoards finally went mad and set off to lynch the Vice President, Nancy Pelosi, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and others. We’ll have to see if this is true. We’ll have to see if there’s maybe a problem. You never know until you see, and sometimes, when you see, you still don’t know. We’ll have to see, you know?

earlier incarnation of “Trump”

[1] Heather Cox Richardson:

The roots of modern right-wing extremism lie in the post-World War II reaction to FDR’s New Deal and the Republican embrace of it under President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Opponents of an active government insisted that it undermined American liberty by redistributing tax dollars from hardworking white men to those eager for a handout—usually Black men, in their telling. Modern government, they insisted, was bringing socialism to America. They set out to combat it, trying to slash the government back to the form it took in the 1920s.

Their job got easier after 1987, when the Fairness Doctrine ended. That Federal Communications Commission policy had required public media channels to base their stories on fact and to present both sides of a question. When it was gone, talk radio took off, hosted by radio jocks like Rush Limbaugh who contrasted their ideal country with what they saw as the socialism around them: a world in which hardworking white men who took care of their wives and children were hemmed in by government that was taxing them to give benefits to lazy people of color and “Feminazis.” These “Liberals” were undermining the country and the family, aided and abetted by lawmakers building a big government that sucked tax dollars.


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