Name that Chant! Name that CHANT!

There is something about chanting that just gets to humans. Chants were the earliest human music. Chanting can have an incantatory effect on those who chant (both words are from the same root, the Latin verb cantare) as well as on those who hear the chant. Chants can induce a meditative state, harmoniously unite chanters with a deity, or with other humans — combining our voices in a chant helps foster a sense of community. Chants can also threaten and terrify those who hear the chanters of certain chants approaching.

It’s hard to get a real sense of the power of a chant just reading it rendered in words on the page, obviously. You really have to hear it. A chant comes to life in human voices.

Here is a chant by a group of militant Trump supporters trying to break down an entrance door at the Capitol last week in what some are calling an “insurrection” — in spite of the president never having called for actual, physical violence from the crowd he urged to come to D.C. on the day they certify the vote for president. He simply called for them to “fight like hell,” and to the end, to overcome the evil, dangerous, sick people who brazenly stole the country from them, under cover of, like, totally fraudulent “democracy”. Listen to this short clip and see how you feel about this visceral two-syllable chant from January 6th, the historic day a Black reverend and a Jewish journalist were elected senators, breaking the long McConnell stranglehold on legislation and appointments, as Trump rallied and inspired America’s most enthusiastic right wing extremists:

Can you tell what they are chanting, this passionate crew? Listen to it again, see if you can make it out.

Give up? Here is the perfectly innocent explanation, from Jew lawyer/legal analyst Ari Melber on MSNBC (note, I am also a Jew lawyer, in case you have a problem with that ironical description, or Melber’s analysis, Naziface).

See? Perfectly innocent! People like me are so ready to hear echoes of the Nazis in the cadences of people who repeat the ancient Blood Libels against the Jews as FACT…

I’m here to offer another bit of reassurance at this scary moment when Washington D.C. is under lockdown against domestic terrorists. On the bright side, look, just because the sworn, hated enemy of this angry, police-assaulting crowd, and their beloved leader, is a loose confederation of activists called Antifa, (anti-fascist), doesn’t necessarily make these militants “fascists.” There are many reasons, having nothing to do with fascism, per se, that a mob might break through barricades and doors at the moment an election they believe to be fake is being certified, looking for Democratic leaders and disloyal Republicans and chanting that they want to hang Vice President Mike Pence.

Also, arguably, plenty of lovers of violent rhetoric, which is protected by the First Amendment (until it becomes incitement — a judgment call), would construct a gallows outside the Capitol. Symbolic acts, such as building a gibbet, are also covered by the prohibition against limiting Free Speech. Anyone who decisively lost a, like, totally rigged election might call for a mob to fight like hell to the end to not accept the results, to show courage and fight, fight, fight.

OK, I give up. There is, of course, no real difference between the angry mob that stormed the Capitol and any lynch mob, any gaggle of pogromists, any group of fascist toughs who believe the way to get power is to smash and grab it from people weaker and less violent than them. Simple, really.

The big question that must be answered now is how deep their planning goes, how many elected officials, active duty military and police participated. It will be determined whether the three members of Congress specifically identified by alt-right asshole and social media personality Ali Alexander (a brown skinned Sammy Davis Jr.-looking guy born Ali Akbar, I shit you not), who claims credit for organizing the recent “Stop the Steal” protest [1] were actually conspirators. Attention-addicted Ali A. has alleged he worked with co-planners, GOP Reps. Andy Biggs, Mo Brooks, and Paul Gosar on his plan to help Trump resist the certification of a, like, totally fake election.

Gosar’s spokeswoman’s comment was “no comment.” Biggs and Brooks, through their reps, denied knowing who Ali Alexander was, let alone working with him. Brooks (R-Alabama) gave a fiery speech earlier in the day of the riot, along with Trump, Trump Jr. and Giuliani (currently reportedly being stiffed by Trump, who is also not taking his calls) committing himself to stopping the certification of the steal. Brooks issued a statement including this imbecilic, bellicose defense of his innocence:

Insider could not reach Brooks for comment, but his office told The Post that he “has no recollection of ever communicating in any way with whoever Ali Alexander is.” Another statement from his office said he did not know that the Capitol siege would occur after he spoke at the rally.

“Further, I spoke very early in the political rally. There was music, there was my speech, there was more music, then there was some number of speakers, then a couple hours or so later, President Trump began speaking,” Brooks said.

He added: “I ask this question, if my remarks were as inspirational as the Socialist Democrats and their Fake News Media allies want the public to believe, why didn’t the Trump rally participants, after my remarks, immediately get up and storm the Capitol?”


I don’t know, Mo. Maybe they were waiting to hear the speech they’d come for, the main event, the one delivered by their hero and the only man capable of defeating the all-powerful cannibal pedophile sex traffickers who control this country. Just a guess, genius.

Speaking of chants:

Alexander participated in a rally the night before the certification and led a chant of “victory or death!”

On the morning of January 6, Gosar tagged Alexander in tweets calling for Biden to concede the election that he won by 7 million votes.

The Post reported that Gosar and Alexander also spoke at the event on December 19 and that Gosar had called Alexander a “true patriot.” Biggs said in a video message at the event that he and Brooks would challenge the certification on January 6. Alexander had called Biggs a “friend” and a “hero,” according to The Post.

A representative for Biggs told CNN that he appeared in the video after a request from Gosar’s staff.

Alexander told The Post that he had “remained peaceful” and that his speeches had “mentioned peace” but were being misrepresented.

However, in a video after the siege, he said: “I don’t disavow this. I do not denounce this.”


Were these three named elected Nazi wannabes among the Trump supporters suspected of giving logistical tours to their “collaborators”, the leaders of the violent mob they may have “colluded” with the day before the riot? The insurrectionists seemed to have had detailed knowledge of the layout of the intricate beehive of the Capitol building.

As time goes on, we’ll learn more. Fortunately, neither Bill Barr nor disgraced “loser” Jeff Sessions controls the Department of Justice anymore (though Barr’s former number two — literally– acting AG Jeffery Rosen, gave a short, slimy, distorted and belated account of the DOJ’s snappy response to the siege he condemned strongly, an act conducted by “intruders” and “wrongdoers” who the DOJ cleared from the Capitol — and 70 arrests, too!).

The FBI briefed Mike Pence yesterday about the chatter among white supremacist domestic terrorist groups amounting to a credible threat of domestic terrorist mayhem at the Inauguration (similar to the assessment they were afraid to hand to Trump prior to the Jan. 6 riot) and plans for violence in all fifty states. The Mall will be closed to the public on Inauguration Day as a massive contingent of soldiers guards the nation’s capital — Trump’s inauguration crowd will dwarf Biden’s. On the other hand, there is no longer any doubt (except in Q-Anon dominated Trumpsylvania) that antifa and Black Lives Matter are not the domestic terrorist threat this nation faces.

Watching Pence listen to the FBI briefing with a thoughtful expression on his face, it was almost as if the 25th Amendment had been invoked. Pence also called Kamala Harris and offered his help and support — better very, very late than never. The president, for his part, was too busy, fuming and working on his list of unappealable presidential pardons, to do any other presidential work for a nation that turned on him like a bunch of nasty bitches [2].

You’d be just as mad as him, you must admit, if violent Black groups, anti-fascists. Muslims, transexuals, Mexicans, billionaire Jews and a powerful cabal of cannibal pedophile child sex traffickers had shamelessly and openly robbed you of your rightful power and unlimited liability against prosecution. I’m sure it would make you feel like shooting somebody on Fifth Avenue too.


I’m afraid world famous dirty trickster life-sized Nixon’s head tattoo adorned twat/pardoned felon Roger Stone would have something to say about that, Ali. Take it, Wiki:

“Stop the Steal” was created by Republican political operative Roger Stone in 2016.[75] A Facebook group with that name was created during the 2020 counting of votes by pro-Trump group “Women for America First” co-founder and Tea Party movement activist Amy Kremer.[76] Facebook removed the group on November 5, and described it as “organized around the delegitimization of the election process”.[76][77] It was reported to have been adding 1,000 new members every 10 seconds[78] with 360,000 followers before Facebook shut it down.[79][80]



The lawyer for the colorfully painted shirtless insurrectionist who wore the coyote fur and horns as he stormed the Capitol with his comrades has asked Mr. Trump for a pardon. The fellow, a Q-Anon star on the internet, seems pretty cheerful about his prospects. I’m not sure Trump is smart enough to realize that pardoning these assholes will tip his hand a bit more than he already has as far as his intent to foment a violent takeover in order to stay in power.

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