Oh, yeah…

Yesterday we broke this record with over 4,000 dead. USA! USA!!! Stop the Steal! Blue Lives Matter! Lock Her UP! (picture of her below) [1]

Oh, wait, breaking news, don’t lock her up — it deplores the deplorable behavior of those “deplorables” (though many were angry blacks in white face and the election was stolen from him by unAmericans):

Although, in fairness, it must be conceded, Mr. Trump’s myrmidons did not allow the National Guard to show up until the Capitol was overrun and Mr. Trump’s point was well-made.

In reading the prepared statement Mr. Trump proves beyond any doubt that he did sincerely regret the unsuccessful riot, particularly the death of a Blue Lives Matter officer who was killed by having his head smashed from behind with a fire extinguisher. And, of course, Trump would be saying this even if the real threat of criminal culpability for the deaths caused by the riot he/it unleashed was not hanging over his beautifully made-up head. Maybe he’s/its realized he/it can’t actually shoot somebody in the face without consequences (thank God for the federal death penalty though, nobody can stop him/it from legally killing those folks). We’re never to old to learn!

Meanwhile, wear your mask, stay at least 6 feet from others and be watchful, and healthy, my friends. Your lives matter.

Typical anti-liberty Anarchist Tyranny! (but still good advice)


My sincere apologies to all women and girls for this offensive little “joke”. Sekhnet hates when I do this kind of thing. It is meant only to be specifically hurtful to a famously misogynistic MACHO MAN (who dances clumsily to the gay anthem as he incites insurrection) in the same way I always refer to fucking White Supremacists as “niggers,”, and Nazis as, of course, (being one myself, no need for quotes) fucking Jews. Gratuitous, I know, but when hurling a sincere insult one should be mindful of what hurts the recipient the most. To say “Trump is a girl” is gratuitously offensive to all girls, I know, but I’m just trying to get the cowardly little douchebag to take a swing at me. To all girls I say “You go, girl!”

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