Impeach Trump, even if he’s belatedly removed under the 25th Amendment

There have been numerous calls (here’s another I read after posting this) by many smart people in recent days to immediately impeach, convict and remove the dangerous Mr. Trump. These came before he organized and orchestrated yesterday’s White Pride attack on the Capitol to prevent the final certification of his loss in the recent election.

There are countless compelling reasons to impeach him, I could write five or six articles of impeachment off the top of my head. Removing him from power via the 25th Amendment (unlikely as it would require moral courage from Mr. Pence’s wife) will minimize the additional harm he can do in his remaining days, prevent him from nuking Iran or committing some other desperate, supremely destructive insane last minute act, but impeachment should commence tomorrow, be wrapped up Monday or Tuesday, even if he is sidelined as incompetent to serve under the 25th. Impeachment and removal is the proper cure for someone like Mr. Trump, as it was from early in his reign, Nancy Pelosi’s brilliant, iron-willed political calculus notwithstanding.

Impeachment and removal will disqualify him from future political runs, mark him as an infamous American, our most notorious former president. He will become the first and only president impeached twice, the only one to be impeached and removed from office. This is only fair, since he is the only American president to persistently and energetically try to topple democracy, spending delusional months denying the results of a duly certified election and instilling an unshakable belief in his millions of fans that American elections are as fake as the fake, lying news — as “reality” TV — and that laws they hate need not be obeyed.

His forcible removal from office, after being decisively voted out, would be the repudiation of Trumpism that our nation desperately needs if any kind of reconciliation and healing is to begin. Trumpism, as we have learned, is open unapologetic racism and sexism, proud, unaccountable denial –of uncontrolled mass death from a pandemic, of science and demonstrable fact, selective enforcement of Law and Order, protection of corruption, the normalization of constant lying, unquestioning loyalty, a right to ugly presidential revenge for every perceived act of disloyalty and an absolute entitlement to uncompromising, righteous rage.

I’d like to see each of those 120 obstructionist traitors in the House who tried to obstruct yesterday’s legally required pro forma process (and signed on to the Texas AG’s idiotic Supreme Court filing that was his audition for a presidential pardon) stand up and vote not to impeach the president for leading a conspiracy to insurrection against his own government. The NY Times could run their photos the next day, like they did for the ones who stood up to contest the results of an election they knew to have been free and fair but that did not choose their unhinged leader.

The single article of impeachment for his attempted coup will pass the House in an hour, send it over to the Senate for the trial — make it just like the previous Trump impeachment “trial” only quicker, since this case is open and shut. No witnesses necessary, no documents, no evidence, outside of the specifically spelled out article of impeachment (I’d add a second article, mentioning the long course of Trump’s constant lifelong obstruction of justice, referencing the examples Mueller found and a dozen random more recent instances including the recording of his illegal solicitation of the Georgia Secretary of State to do him a favor.

I’d do this to correct the historical record on Trump, fatally distorted by the infamous Bill Barr, and make it clear to future generations that even the Unitary Executive and his cronies cannot be eternally unaccountable for high crimes he can pardon them all for.

Trial in the Senate, an up or down vote (unblockable by Mitch) after an hour of presenting the case. Let’s see Ted Cruz solemnly raise his hand and pose for his eternal moment of fame photo voting “nay” to impeachment. Josh Hawley, staunchly raising his fist to insurrections and voting “nay” — “say ‘cheese’, Josh! — you slimy motherfucker.” Tommy Fucking Tuberville, a defiant “nay” immortalized for the ages. (These three, at minimum, need to be expelled from the Senate by their colleagues for aiding and abetting electoral fraud and sedition, conspiracy to overthrow the elected government).

You might get a couple more fellow travelers who still believe in the Trump revolution, voting to acquit America’s most often exonerated, unfairly attacked president, hardcore unprincipled fanatics, but likely less than a dozen. At this point you have to believe Miss Lindsey and the Grim Reaper would be forced to vote in the affirmative to convict their former boss and best friend. “Abuse of power” is one thing, can be spun as a “political” judgment call, organizing a riot and invading Congress in a mad attempt to overturn an election… well… guilty 94-6. Bye-bye, Donnie — and best of luck to ya!

I don’t know anything about this photo above (it could be complete propaganda, taken on any day, perhaps outside a museum, with a solemnly worded plaque on the platform describing the barbarity of execution by hanging), but the image evokes an illegal second Trump term quite well. About that, there can be no doubt after yesterday.

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