Bad Acid Trip

This feels like a bad acid trip we are all on, when even familiar, harmless things turn monstrous and it seems perfectly clear that the ever-worsening horror will never end. The good news is that scary hallucinations wear off as the drug gone bad is metabolized. The bad news is that some of these despicable monsters out of a bad acid trip that we are seeing today are quite real.

The ultimate proof that a person is a monstrous piece of shit is his reflex to ignore the pain of those around him. He goes on about his self-centered business like nothing is wrong, coveting, bragging, lying, getting revenge, stinking, while others suffer, their pleading voices unheard by him. During an emergency, the monster turd continues blowing his foul, self-serving breath while all around people are anxious, terrified, hungry, literally dying. True it’s only been about 350,000 dead in our country so far, a number not much more than 1% of us, but still, not a number to sneeze at, particularly if you have the power to do something about it, unless, of course, you are a fly covered mound of excrement.

We don’t like too much hyperbole, or raw expressions of anger, but simply stating what is going on is enough make it feel like we are all on a bad acid trip that we are all struggling to make sense of, somehow. The COVID-19 pandemic is proving very difficult to manage, even in places where angry, reality-denying, lockstep following morons are not in charge. It is prolifically deadly, refrigerator trucks for corpses are once again parked outside overflowing hospitals in many places in our nation. We set new records for death and infection every day, yesterday we set the record for COVID-19 hospitalizations. The only way to control the spread of a massively infectious disease is if everyone looks out for everyone else. That is not our way here anymore.

The stupidest, vainest and most sadistic man ever to be our leader knows what to do. Attack the disease as a hoax, a deliberate Chinese attempt to help his political rival somehow, attack the precautions all medical experts everywhere urge us all to take, downplay its severity (though you are on tape before you began downplaying it expressing great and reasonable concern about it being airborne, how infectious and deadly it is) pretend to have defeated the disease as infection numbers once again peak (“Mission Accomplished!”), declare to the nation that it’s not your responsibility, blame Democrat [sic] governors and mayors– make them fight over PPE and declare them leaders of “anarchist jurisdictions”, make them take you to court to get their federal funds — refuse to wear a mask, create millions of proud “Anti-maskers”, encourage them to rise up against Democrat [sic] tyranny, hold indoor maskless rallies where crowds chant with you, sending moist plumes of breath into each other’s lungs, infect countless lackeys around you at super-spreader events, come down with the disease yourself, have a million dollars of instant tax-payer funded emergency medical care, recover and declare that COVID is no big deal, you just have to be a winner and dominate the disease.

Then somehow you lose the election, oddly enough, by only a few million votes (and a narrow 74 electors in the rigged Electoral College). No problem. The election, as you predicted and complained about many times (as in 2016) was rigged, fake, stolen, corrupt, a scam, a flimflam, dead people voting, completely fraudulent. The incidence of voter fraud is less than one thousandth of one percent, less than one ten-thousandth of a percent (0.000001%) — all of your court cases alleging electoral fraud and unfairness were tossed out of court for lack of evidence, or often, even a coherent legal theory. On the other hand, before the 2020 election, the great State of Georgia, under current heroes of the rule of law Governor Brian Kemp and Attorney General Brad Raffensberger (both vocal Trump supporters), disenfranchised another 198,000 likely Democratic voters. Even after that heroic voter purge, and yanking out mailboxes during a pandemic, and calling mail-in voting a massive fraud, and your base (al q’eada in Arabic) turned out in droves to vote in person, you still lost Georgia by 11,779 votes. No problemo. “I need you to do me a favor, though, Bradsky.” But Raffensberger is stubborn, refusing to play ball, secretly betraying you as you speak. You innocently tell the disloyal Georgia A.G. “I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have, because we won the state.Figure that one out, linguists.

As my sister, a teacher in Florida, is about to be dragged back into a classroom (her doctor’s note be damned) to spend seven hours a day in a closed-window air-conditioned classroom with her low-income four year-olds, with no PPE and certainly no mask mandate in that Freedom State, as many thousands of Americans are not homeless today only because there are still moratoriums on sheriffs and marshals forcibly removing them from their homes, as California hospitals are turning away patients likely too sick to recover, due to overwhelming numbers of new patients, we are talking about whether this narcissistic patient zero has every right to pursue every wildly insane scheme to remain in power after losing the election by a wide margin.

Mitch McConnell, who singlehandedly blocked a vote on cruelly delayed $2,000 relief checks that would likely have passed with bipartisan support, only waited a month or so to congratulate the president-elect, after weeks of drawling in his farting basso profundo that the president has every legal right to do everything in his power to see that he won the election fair and square and that it his absolute prerogative to insist the presidency was stolen from him.

The Sedition Caucus (Trump calls those Republican traitors who didn’t join in his attempt to overthrow democracy the Surrender Caucus) is set to contest certified votes in every state Trump lost, during a session of Congress that, every year but now, has been a mere formality, announcing the certifications in each state to make the president-elect’s victory official. In the background there will be an anti-democracy rally raging outside the Capitol, a show of violent force called for by our sitting piece of shit president over and over. The Proud Boys and their shameful ilk have been standing by, in spite of being gassed by police recently, are gathering for tomorrow’s hoped for riot.

We’re not able to be focused on fighting this virus that’s killing so many of us, because another, even more incurable, virus is killing us — the urge of angry, hopeless people to band together and implacably hate others united behind an infallible leader above mere reason, fact or so called “truth”. Faithful fascism erases ordinary reality, replaces it with a mass fantasy of glory and triumph.

The “transactional” “autocratic” “oligarchic” “kleptocratic” “malignantly narcissistic” “totally exonerated” American president calls over an over for a massive anti-democracy protest in our nation’s capital to STOP THE STEAL. The increasingly desperate, lawless American president violates federal (pardon me, sir) and state law by calling a state official (18 times it turns out, persistence is the key to arm twisting and persuasion both) to put the arm on him to find 11,780 votes, “one more than we won by”, as lawyers all over this ravaged nation discuss the exact subsections of the laws he has broken, and his defenders use what they have at hand, whining about the treacherous sneaks who leaked the disloyal tape of him violating the law, explaining that the hour-long tape is being taken out of context, he was only suggesting, cajoling, making a deal, negotiating in a hardball manner, as New York City Real Estate titans often do. When you’re a NYC Real Estate titan they let you do it. And so, out of personal loyalty to him we will band together to overthrow democracy for his sake, not let the certification of votes take place as the Constitution requires. You know, because of the tens of millions of un-investigated allegations of fraud out there, the ones the president has been spouting many times everyday, the ones we’ve been spreading at the president’s behest.

If, with all this foulness going on, the people of the great state of Georgia (those whose votes haven’t been successfully suppressed) elect Trump puppet and multi-millionaire scarecrow Kelley Loeffler and mega-Trumper, expert on outsourcing jobs, David Perdue, and Mitch the Grim Reaper keeps control of blocking all legislation and executive appointments — well, release the fucking Kraken, this shithole really deserves the biblical cataclysm that will follow. Nazis simply don’t care how many have to die to realize their dream of a perfect Nazi world. In the end, historically, tyrants and their foot soldiers lose, but as to us and our times, good luck to us all and God Bless these United Shayyysssh.

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