Evil Morons and “Herd Mentality”

The story is now out, with details (and documentary evidence), about how Mr. Trump and his unqualified appointees chosen for their unquestioning personal loyalty to the tyrannical asshat from Queens (along with their skill at stroking his delicate ego), continually lied about their efforts to control the deadly pandemic that is now raging out of control in the US.

The Trump administration’s regular attacks on the pandemic mitigation advice given by all medical experts were apparently motivated by their united embrace of an alternative “theory” (remember “Birtherism” is also a theory, as is “Libertarianism”) about how to beat the pandemic: infect everyone to bring about herd immunity (or “herd mentality” as a Trump Freudian slip rendered it on live TV).

Stupid people blindly ambitious and loyal to the stupidest, vainest, most vindictive man ever to be president, deliberately pursued a strategy of mass infection. Mass infection with a deadly, highly contagious disease science currently has no cure for. Because, you know, politics, power, prestige, career, obscene, untouchable wealth, DUH!

We set new records yesterday here in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, for infections and deaths from this monster, COVID-19. As reported in the Lyin’ New York Times (official enemy of the people):

Officials across the United States on Wednesday reported the highest daily number for new coronavirus since the pandemic began, as well as the most deaths in a single day.

New infections were put at 244,365, and deaths at 3,607 — nearly 500 more than the record set only a week ago. The previous case record, 236,800, was set last Friday (though a reporting anomaly in Texas made it appear still higher.)

The latest figures capped day [sic] on which health experts warned Americans, buoyed by the rollout of a vaccination campaign, that it is far too soon to abandon common-sense precautions for halting the spread of the virus.


Now we know, with emails in their own words, to confirm our worst suspicions, that these imbeciles appointed by our petulant blob of unaccountable presidential prerogative actually pursued a secret, deliberate mass infection agenda. These accursed cretins actually wrote to each other spelling out their master plan to ignore science and let the vast majority of Americans go for broke.

I am not trying to insult unintelligent people, there are many who are kind, gentle, generous, loving. Intelligence, goodness and decency have no direct correlation. Many very smart people are vicious pieces of shit (Bill Barr pops to mind, though he may also be mentally ill [1]). The kinds of supremely ambitious idiots I have in mind are those who are just smart enough to know how to ingratiate themselves to corrupt and powerful idiots who will lavishly reward them with unearned positions of power and prestige far beyond their competence (Betsy DeVos, honey, I’m seeing your dazzling smile).

Someone observed recently, comparing increasingly foolish and deluded highly placed Trump dead-enders to high Nazi officials, that few would have had any chance of promotion except in a regime where blind loyalty to a barking mad leader, and the ability to shamelessly gratify The Leader’s ego, were the chief prerequisites for advancement. Trump does not have the best people. He does not even seem to have average people.

Now, the reservoir of rage inside threatens to overflow its banks and wash over me. I read about these stupid bastards and their blind, murderous idiocy and it fills me with anger, and despair over the cultivated stupidity of millions of my fellow Americans — and an individual’s powerless to have any effect on any of this.

An election cannot change any of these ugly facts. Not when the national leaders of the party that won the election keep expressing the high-minded, simplistic idea that we just need to get back to “normal” and everything will be fine.

Everything won’t be fine, not without constant organizing, mobilization and activism by those of us who believe in more than just an increasingly corrupt status quo that makes millions more feel comfortable while leaving millions of children hungry every night as the earth continues to be destroyed and our citizenry immiserated for the profit of supremely deserving men like Charles Koch, Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos.

The election of Biden will not bring back any of the 300,000 dead (and rapidly counting — 3,607 means 2.5 dead of COVID EVERY MINUTE yesterday), many of whom, perhaps half or more, did not have to die horrible, solitary deaths, but for the depraved indifference of Mr. Trump and his idiot lackeys.

Let us also remember that this is an oligarchic administration that truly had no business being in office, and would not have in an actual democracy. Trumpism was narrowly elected in the Electoral College (78,000 votes in MI, WI and PA combined gave Trump the presidency), the Electoral College being the electoral savior of otherwise defeated minoritarian right-wing candidates. That archaic memento of the Peculiar Institution gave us two bloody, destructive imbecile presidents within sixteen recent years, both of whom lost the vote of citizens by considerable margins (the former by less than half a million, the latter by almost 3,000,000).

We are relieved, those of us who embrace the label anti-fascist, that our great nation did not descend into autocracy. The president is still trying to bring that about, but it’s not happening, not yet, not under this unfunny clown, anyway (Pompeo and Christie are the new hopes for a one-party Leader, I suppose — at least in their own grasping minds).

Trump abdicated and disclaims any and all responsibility for the mass death on his watch, especially now that he’s lost, as his party blocks monetary and food relief for millions of suffering Americans. Trump, Pompeo and company continue to actively spread the deadly infectious pandemic with holiday super-spreader parties. Republican leaders are also actively sabotaging Biden’s presidency as they hatch a comeback in a RED WAVE in 2022, based on Biden’s Socialistic failures and the many thousands more who will die of COVID, hunger and homelessness on his watch.

We must take solace in the consolation that our “institutions” have held.

It is some consolation (and nothing to sneeze at) that courts did not renounce the rule of law, as the Senate majority, the majority of Republicans in the House, the president and his remaining myrmidons all have. Fortunately, the election was not close enough for Amy Coney Barrett to be able to cast the deciding vote, or for other Trump appointees to the federal bench to do anything for their benefactor but follow the actual laws of our “nation of law”. Laws under which the lawless, even if supremely powerful, must sometimes lose.

It is some consolation that numerous Republican state officials across the country did what the majority of House Republicans did not — accept the election results after certifying (and in some cases recounting, more than once) the votes in what they confirmed was a fair election. They risked the rage of a vicious madman and should be acknowledged.

But is there any real consolation in people simply doing what they swore a public oath to do? Isn’t that the minimum we should demand of public servants? This is how far we have slipped as an experiment in democracy, we are much closer to an experiment in fascism.

A recent rampage by “Proud Boys” on the streets of our nation’s capitol, raising hell over a “stolen election” that every official everywhere has confirmed and certified, was a frustrated attempt at a pogrom. They’d probably have loved to do more killing, hoping to stir up a justifiably violent reaction by anti-racists that would have allowed their Leader to declare an insurrection, invoke the Insurrection Act, martial law and a Trump seizure of absolute power.

Even Trump’s hero, Mr. Hitler [2], could not have pulled that one off in the US in 2020. Hitler could not have come to power with only a small contingent of this kind of violent asshole willing to break heads for him. We just got lucky with that one.

Germany during Hitler’s rise had literal armies of angry veterans (freikorps), right-wing students and humiliated nationalistic sons of the unemployed, on the streets, everywhere, by the hundreds of thousands, ready to violently disrupt protests, bash people in the face, bloody their fists, stab, shoot, string up political enemies. As in similar situations here, the cops often stood by in sympathy, allowing them free rein to intimidate and beat up their hated pro-democracy enemies. In that climate of regular street battles, it was a matter, for the shrewd Mr. Hitler, of making sure his shock troops were more violent than anyone else and seizing leadership of this gigantic mass of enraged, violent Germans. Within a short time, they were all Nazis, marching under the swastika, winners. Seig Heil!

We don’t currently have that widespread, wildly popular ground game by disaffected, enraged men, feeling hopeless except when taking up arms and banding together to put some hurt on people they hate. If big changes are not made by this incoming administration, starting with prosecuting sedition and other high crimes by highly placed Trumpist democracy deniers, we can expect the forces of reaction to keep reacting, more and more violently.

We also need government programs, like the Works Progress Administration (WPA) that FDR put into place (by executive order), to give meaningful jobs, a decent future and a real connection to the larger community to millions of potential troops for the next would be American autocrat.

If we don’t learn to work together, and look out for each other and our common interests, the future is violent.

Clearly, crimes against democracy have to be vigorously prosecuted, and new laws put on the books to prevent the unaccountable corruption of a man like the “totally exonerated” Mr. Trump (so what if he abused power and acted in contempt of Congress? 51-49, suck it, cucks!), and other future fascistic shenanigans by narrowly elected officials and their unqualified interim appointees.

Biden won the Electoral College by a comfortable margin and the popular vote by 7,000,000 — margins not seen by any candidate defeating an incumbent since FDR ousted Herbert Hoover in 1932. A solid win, a mandate for democracy, you might say.

Half the country, and the vast majority of Republicans, believe that Biden is as illegitimate as the Kenyan secret-Muslim that he worked for, the corrupt and evil spying divider that Trump’s DOJ is still investigating with Bill Barr’s ongoing John Durham Investigation into “Russiagate”.

These loathsome creatures do not sleep. They plan, they create and fund ideological think tanks and employment societies, buy TV and radio stations, newspapers, airwaves, bandwidth, buy political candidates, “primary” moderates out of office, fund astroturf “mass movements” like the “grassroots” Tea Party that brought many maniacs into Congress (and more recently, Q-Anon adherents and a religious cult member Supreme Court justice).

The bulk of these folks are some of the stupidest and most selfish motherfuckers the world has ever known, but their sheer numbers, and determination, make them a force to reckon with. Ask any of the 3,607 Americans who died yesterday, at a rate of better than two a minute, on the Loser-in-Chief’s petulant lame duck watch.



The only book we are relatively sure our reading-challenged top student president ever read (or at least browsed) was the collection of Hitler’s speeches he kept by his bedside at his triplex penthouse apartment atop Trump Tower.

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