Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

I rarely take corporate surveys, particularly if there is a long wait involved to talk to one of the underpaid representatives who are busy helping other customers (which there almost always is). It was my pleasure to fill out the survey from the CISA website (the one debunking “rumors” about the thousand ways sick Commies were going to steal the presidency from Mr. Trump).

They also had a nice form that showed my whole survey, which is here:

My comment: This information is really great. Everything is clearly presented and sources are given. It is a wonderful public service and a great resource. I salute you for it all. I wish it was more widely disseminated.

This is the way it should be for all information crucial to the public. Lay it out clearly, give us the proof that what you are saying is not pulled out of a random, powerful psychopath’s ass. This is called transparency. Without transparency we have only a set of facts, no matter how convincing, versus an even louder FUCK YOU YOU GODDAMNED GODLESS FUCKING FUCK!

Or, to put it more politely: reasonable compromise based on reality-based debate versus arguments based exclusively on the necessity of “LIBERTY’s” defense against “TYRANNY”: the liberty to infect others during a deadly pandemic vs. the tyranny of mandated public safety measures, for example.

It goes without saying that that kind of idiotic FREEDOM vs. TYRANNY debate is no way to run a democracy.

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