Barr Betrays Trump

For perhaps the first time during his tenure as Trump’s gunsel, Bill Barr spoke truthfully the other day. Barr stated the obvious publicly, only three weeks after the election was called for Biden. Trump continues to insist (without evidence, having lost 39 of 40 legal challenges, for lack of evidence) that the election was massively rigged, it was stolen from him. Barr finally said there was no wide spread electoral fraud, no irregularities that would have changed the results of the elections.

This is a complete about face from Barr’s unfounded position prior to the election when he insisted during public appearances that mail-in voting was subject to massive fraud. He offered this baseless Trump-Putin talking point with no proof, outside of his huffy assertion that it was “common sense”. After he stated a simple truth about the recent election, one Trump and millions of his MAGA minions don’t want to hear, he was quickly attacked by loyalists.

Lou Dobbs on FOX:

For the attorney general of the United States to make that statement, he’s either a liar, or a fool, or both. He may be, perhaps, compromised, he may be simply unprincipled or he may be personally distraught or ill.

He is unprincipled, Lou, he may also be compromised. He has been shown over and over to be a liar and he’s probably also distraught and ill. None of this is breaking news. Grow up, Lou, and lay off the MAGA juice. That shit will kill you.

As Trump begins to issue pardons to every criminal who could possibly implicate him in a crime, this clip from Barr’s confirmation hearings has begun circulating again. I love this clip very much:

Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont):

Do you believe a president could lawfully issue a pardon in exchange for the recipient’s promise to not incriminate him?

William Pelham Barr:

No, that would be a crime.

Bill got that one right, anyway. If you pardon a co-conspirator as a quid pro quo for his vow to dummy up about the conspiracy, so that nobody can prove your role in the crime in a court of law, well, pardon me, boys, that’s not a legal pardon in the strict and highest sense of the terms — or even in a middling sense.

I am very much looking forward to a law-enforcing Attorney General looking closely at the raft of corrupt, self-dealing pardons the president is beginning to hand out after his historically corrupt, lawless run as president. Biden needs to appoint a strong, principled AG and stand out of the damned way. Democrats almost always disappoint, but the stakes this time, after we’ve come so close to a one-party authoritarian take over of democracy — crap, I’ll kick their asses myself!

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