Four “black” men and a psychotic woman must die ASAP

Trump may have lost the election, his gunsel Bill Barr may have been in on the conspiracy to steal the election from Trump (he just belatedly admitted the DOJ found no proof of widespread election fraud or tampering), along with the FBI and other disloyal traitors, many of them people he personally put into power, but one power nobody can take from the hurt, vindictive president is his indisputable ability to carry out federal death sentences, no matter what.

Here are the faces of the five people he intends to see executed in the days before he loses the power to legally kill: five under his authority who must die NO MATTER WHAT!


He didn’t get to see the Central Park Five executed, though he took out full page ads in the newspapers calling for their deaths. In fairness to him, he didn’t know they’d be exonerated later. These five, well, look at their pictures above, and you will see this is as close as Mr. Trump will come, barring anything unforeseen, to shooting people he hates in the face, on Fifth Avenue– and paying no price whatsoever for their murders.


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