Meanwhile, in South Dakota

As the president continues to deny that he lost the election, and Mitch McConnell prepares 12 more right-wing judges for lifetime appointments to the federal bench (with 23 more waiting for Lindsey Graham’s committee to rubber stamp them) Democracy Now! reports today:

Utah and North Dakota are the latest states to mandate mask wearing. Meanwhile, in South Dakota, where the COVID-19 death rate is among the worst in the world, Governor Kristi Noem, a close Trump ally, has said she would not enforce a mask mandate even if ordered by future President Joe Biden.


Audacious, principled patriotism, Governor Noem.

Another few seconds of diligent internet research gives us the current population of the state that gave 61% of its votes to Mr. Trump– 899,174. I’m sure the governor has the support of the entire state in agreeing that mass COVID-19 infection and death is preferable to allowing other states, or a president other than Donald J. Trump, to tyrannize the loyal citizens of South Dakota.

South Dakota’s population of almost one million, we learn, is 84% “white” [1]. It’s numbing to recall that 58% of “white” men voted for Donald Trump, along with an astounding 55% of “white” women — after Trump’s first four year attempt to Make America Great Again, Lock Her Up, Build that Wall, etc.. It was the large increase in the minority “non-white” vote, voting decisively for Biden, that defeated Donald Trump by a national margin of 5,600,000 votes and counting.

I put “white” in quotes because members of minority ethnic groups, like Jews, Italians, light-skinned Latinos, regarded not long ago as “non-white”, can become white in a racist country by attaining affluence and a measure of political power. This transformation to white is not possible for other groups with darker pigmentation, of course, but that is a function of racism.

Which we do not talk about here. To whose advantage is it to discuss something so ugly in the greatest nation God has ever bestowed His grace upon?


The “black” population of South Dakota, we learn, has doubled in recent years, to 2%.

Black residents still make up less than 2 percent of South Dakota’s population, putting the state in the bottom 10 in terms of percentage. Mississippi is the highest, with 37 percent of residents identifying themselves as black. Mar 30, 2011


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