Invitation to Commit Violence in the name of Liberty and Justice

It was really not surprising, horrific as it also was, to hear unhinged fascist Steve Bannon call the other day for the decapitation of Dr. Anthony Fauci and FBI director Christopher Wray. Their heads, he stated, on his podcast and via Twitter, should be on fucking pikes. For the capital crime, presumably, of treason to the Leader. In Bannon’s view, Fuhrerworte haben Gesestzeskraft — the Leader’s word has the force of law, (as long as Bannon gets to have a say in who the Leader is and what he says).

The blowhard was slapped hard by Twitter after posting these incendiary opinions. Banned from the social media app. He is awaiting acquittal, conviction, or some kind of plea deal, in the fraud case against him for allegedly (and most likely) fleecing gullible, trusting, sincere Trump supporters of millions of dollars for his personal enrichment in a fake Build That Wall crowd-funding scheme. He exploited the patriotism of those low-information supporters too uninformed to realize that Mexico had already fully paid for the Southern Border Wall that has solved virtually every one of our great nation’s problems. As promised by the Promise-Keeper-in-Chief.

Is it reasonable to fear some kind of mass violence by Trump’s fired up, heavily armed supporters? Probably, the president is keeping all options on the table, his tweeted commands are routinely obeyed by groups of diehard Trump activists who don’t shrink from violence. Bannon (Sloppy Steve, who was pushed out of the Trump administration when he took too much credit for being Trump’s brain) was on Fox on Election Day, keeping the troops fired up with deliberate, provocative misinformation, infuriating lies, if you will. This snapshot is about all you need for the gist of his “argument”, I wasn’t able to watch more than a moment of it.

The beauty part, of course, is that evidence is no longer necessary to prove your case– you just have to tell your followers clearly how they are being abused and by whom.

If evil people are openly trying to steal an election, suppress your vote, cheat to win– isn’t it only right to go out with baseball bats, at minimum, and smash them in their smug faces? I mean, isn’t it?

Here are some more thoughts from historian Heather Cox Richardson, about how Trump, Bannon and their ilk, exploit and stoke misinformation, expressed with a bit of optimism about the sudden spine of the mass media and of prominent Republicans publicly abandoning Trump that may have been premature.

First of all, much of Trump’s power during his term has come from his ability to dominate the public narrative through threats or rumors. From his insistence that he had hired detectives to investigate President Obama’s birth certificate, through Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails and Hunter Biden’s laptop, he has gathered power by warning that something untoward was looming just over the horizon. But yesterday, after all the hype about expected violence at the polls, there was remarkably little trouble.

Trump’s attempt to control politics by controlling the narrative continued early this morning, as the Department of Justice sent an email to federal prosecutors telling them that, while the law prohibits sending armed federal officers to polling places, it did authorize them to monitor “voting fraud” by sending armed federal officers to the places where election officials were counting ballots. About a half hour later, Trump called a press conference in which he declared victory and claimed that the ongoing counting of legally cast ballots must be stopped. Counting the ballots, he said, was the Democrats’ attempt to “steal the election.”

But Trump’s power is wavering, and he can no longer control the narrative. As he spoke, NBC News and MSNBC cut in to note that he was lying. After he finished, other media outlets also pushed back. On ABC News, Terry Moran said: “This isn’t law, this isn’t politics, this is theater,” Moran said. “And let’s be blunt: it’s the theater of authoritarianism.” Throughout the day, Trump tweeted angrily about the on-going counting of ballots; Twitter hid many of the tweets behind warnings that they were spreading disinformation.

Republican leaders have been surprisingly quick to turn on the president. Last night, the Fox News Channel was the first to call the state of Arizona for Democratic candidate Joe Biden which, according to Gabriel Sherman of Vanity Fair, led Trump to call Rupert Murdoch, who owns the Fox News Channel, to demand a retraction. Murdoch, who has said for months that Trump would lose the election, refused.


She provides us another important story that slipped through the cracks, as the high-powered shit hoses were flooding the zone in every way Trump and his allies have become so proficient at in our rightful terror over being terrorized by a terroristic party of violence- threatening extremists.

Another news story dropped quietly yesterday while people were distracted with the election. The Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security issued a report challenging Acting Director Chad Wolf’s actions this summer when he sent law enforcement officers from the department to Portland, Oregon. The report challenged the deployments’ legality on a number of fronts, and concluded that the issue is open, unresolved, and urgent. The Department of Homeland Security’s top attorney, Chad Mizelle, an ally of senior White House policy adviser Stephen Miller, rejects the inspector general’s findings.

Of course, if he gets a moment, Trump knows exactly what to do. You fire the damned Inspector General, screw him, traitor! Put his head on a goddamned pike next to Fauci’s, Wray’s, Mueller’s, Comey’s, Sessions’s, Lindsey Graham’s (no, wait, Graham defended him yesterday), Omorosa’s, Hillary’s, Obama’s, Tillerson’s (who’s the fucking moron now, Rex?) those five fucks who raped the woman in Central Park and got away with it, Joe Biden’s, Hunter Biden’s, Stephen Colbert’s, Rosie O’Donnell’s, Oprah’s, Mary Trump’s, Giuliani’s, etc.

In our divided, fearful world, at this moment of disorienting uncertainty, billions of us increasingly facing imminent death and destruction, we can only go one of two ways — toward greater humanity or greater inhumanity. Sadly, the impulses seems to be solidly divided 50/50 at the moment.

I could seriously use a nice a nap, couldn’t you?

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