Fake News — we keep breaking COVID-19 records after massive in-person voting in all states

Look, I’m not saying this latest spike in Covid-19 infections and deaths has anything to do with the president making it clear that our possibly fraudulent mail-in votes were not guaranteed to be received in time to be legally counted, no matter when we mailed them. I went to the polls early, in person, as did Sekhnet, as did many people I know. We were taking no chances leaving things in the sweaty hands of the creepy Louis DeJoy. Millions who voted against Mr. Trump did the same (along with most of the 70,000,000 Trump supporters who also voted in person). Depending on where you live in the USA, this in-person voting was relatively safe (as in NY City where every precaution was taken) or potentially very risky (as in virtually any state that was up for grabs).

Because the president made the safe way to vote during an airborne pandemic, like the safe way to interact in public, a wedge issue to drive Americans apart, a few million Americans, maybe tens of millions of Americans, stood on lines in places where people don’t cotton to wearing masks. In Texas, for example, the law allows election officials to choose whether to wear masks and also allows them to force voters to remove masks in the polling place if they want to vote. That’s called democracy, down in the great state of Texas.

I’m not saying there’s any connection between the president’s depraved indifference to the lives and deaths of millions of his citizens and the spikes in Covid-19 infections and death nationwide, I’m also not saying there’s not any connection. A few numbers, during these aggravating days of counting and recounting.

Election day (I think, or maybe the day after):

Wednesday, as Mr. Trump demanded the counting stop (except in Arizona, where he is behind, and had a crowd in Maricopa County chanting “Count the votes! Count the votes!” In another state his impromptu mob chanted “Stop the count! Stop the Count!”)  die Lügenpresse kept flagrantly counting so-called Covid cases and reported:

and the latest totally fake record (until tomorrow):

Speaking of numbers, Mr. Trump’s lead in Georgia was 50,000 votes yesterday evening when my cousin called from a suburb of Atlanta. By the time we got off the phone an hour later, the lead was about 40,000 votes. I watched the lead decline over the course of the next 30 hours or so, checking my phone regularly, like I was checking the boxscore of an important baseball game in progress. By midnight tonight, Mr. Trump’s lead was under 2,000 votes:

at around 3 a.m. it was less than half that

At 4:00 a.m. Mr. Trump’s lead was 463 votes. If Mr. Biden gets the 16 electors from the great state of Georgia, the ballgame is over, Joe Biden, with a razor thin 4,000,000+ popular vote lead and at least 270 Electoral College votes (according to the Associated Press and Fox News– though not most of the others which would have him at 269 with Georgia’s 16), is the 46th president of the United States.

Update, at 4:53 a.m. (ah, who can sleep these days?) Mr. Biden up by almost 1,000 in the great state of Georgia.

In other fake news:

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