How Trump v. Biden gets to the Supreme Court

Here is another reason for guarded optimism about the looming rigged election.

Trump v. Biden, decided by the partisan-packed Supreme Court is far from a a certainty. It is not even a likely scenario (though it could happen, of course, a truly sickening thought). There are several specific things that must happen before the tainted 6-3 Supreme Court majority can rule on party lines to appoint Trump president.

The Trump-McConnell appointees on the federal appeals courts have been consistently ruling against the extension of vote counting and other measures to make safe voting easier during a pandemic. Their presumption is that to increase the number of votes counted will also increase the margin Trump will lose by. Rule as they may, suppress as many votes as they like (and God bless the lawyers who are fighting back against this in court), unless the election is very close, and unless several other specific things happen, there is no automatic route to the Supreme Court for Trump. As legal analyst Jonathan Diaz explained on CNN the other night (my editorial additions are in parentheses):

The election would have to come down to the ballots in one of the contested “swing” states (as in the Florida recount in 2000). It would have to be so close that the numbers of ballots received between Election Day and the extended deadline could be decisive, (could “flip” the result, as eternal adolescent asshole Kavanaugh wrote the other day). The president would also have to be ahead in that contested state, “notwithstanding those post-Election Day ballots” in order for a challenge to make a difference.

I am remaining positive. I’m focusing on the unlikeliness of all these things happening, that the election, even with the millions of undelivered and invalidated ballots, will not be close enough for the lawyers for these insane and unscrupulous zealots to steal a la Bush v. Gore.

Open, unaccountable corruption is a fearsome thing, terrifying, really. So is the constant lying without consequence, the ceaseless cruelty, the vindictiveness, the rage, the selective use of law enforcement against “enemies” and the rest of the destructive tics of the Trump era. I’m putting my faith in the fact that most Americans are not toxic kool-aid drinking death cult members (though, or course, sadly, many millions are). In zombie movies, in the end the zombies almost never prevail, however bad it looks for most of the flick.

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