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I get very few comments here on gratuitousblahg, so when I get a good one I like to feature it. Here’s an articulate, well-written note from the other day, commenting on an August 10th post

MelH commented on Benghazi Hearings Continue in effort to disprove the legality of the Mueller Investigation (which totally exonerated Mr. Trump!)

The number of lies written above reflect the problem of the Media being owned by 6 Democrat entities with the result they are acting as the propaganda arm of the Democrat party and you have not been allowed to analyze the truth. Instead you have swallowed the Democrat propaganda and are CALLING it truth. How could you not, when it has been spewed as truth day after day after day. You might twist to other channels and keep hearing the same one-line narrative EVERY day on EVERY channel, always about Orange-Man-Bad. I challenge you to follow this lead and discover what that Orange Man Bad has done for this Country that you probably never heard about on the channels you listen to and watch.; www.magapill.com Relax and enjoy life because what you have been reading is troubling, but full of lies!

Thank you for your comment generously dismissing my post as a pack of lies that were not my fault for believing. Tempting as it is to take a virtual magic pill that will make me as enlightened as you are, I will instead quote noted fellow Jewish wise-ass Hannah Arendt:

 “… the ideal subject of a totalitarian state is the person for whom the distinction between fact and fiction (that is, the reality of experience) and the distinction between true and false (that is, the standards of thought) no longer exist.” 

Have a blessed day, my friend.

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