Keep Your Eye on the Ball, Fellow Citizens

The distractor-in-chief, gleeful chaos agent, lights multiple stinking dumpster fires every day — it’s his particular gift. That antifa guy who allegedly shot the religious right-wing counter-protester in Portland? According to Trump he got exactly what he deserved (death in a hail of bullets from U.S. marshals) in what has to happen in such cases. Trump told a host on FOX: “Now we sent in the U.S. marshals for the killer, the man that killed the young man in the street. Two and a half says went by and I put out “when are you going to get him.” And the U.S. marshals went in to get him. There was a shootout. This guy was a violent criminal, and the US Marshals killed him. And I’ll tell you something — that’s the way it has to be. There has to be retribution.”

You can be as outraged as you like that the U.S. president advocates the summary extra-judicial execution of an unarmed American suspect (according to witnesses of the shooting) by federal police. The only alternative, and not to Trump’s liking, would have been holding a “politically correct” criminal trial with witnesses, evidence, all kinds of delay and inconvenience. Be outraged or keep your eye on the ball:

The number of votes that will be counted in the upcoming presidential election is the only crucial number right now.

The president used this identical tactic, repeating lies about widespread voter fraud, the last time he ran for the world’s most powerful office. He did this for the same reason he’s doing it now: to create fear and uncertainty ahead of an election he expects to lose if all the votes are fairly counted. And to set the table for going to court to contest an election rigged against the real winner– him.

A flashback, to show Trump used this exact ploy last time, from the Washington Post, October 18, 2016:

An unshackled Donald Trump is barreling down the final stretch of the campaign, making bold and unsubstantiated claims about voter fraud and rigged elections the centerpiece of his closing arguments to American voters.

While Trump is light on the specifics of how this alleged election-rigging works, it seems to involve some combination of media bias and official complicity running all the way from precinct ballot boxes to the director of the FBI.

The truth of the matter is that lawmakers already have numerous legal options at their disposal for tipping the scales of democracy in one direction or another. Changing the composition of the electorate — by enacting restrictions on who can vote, or at what times, or on the ID required to fill out a ballot — are one way to do this.


Voter fraud is not a statistically significant thing in the USA. The incidence of documented voter fraud is a microscopic fraction of one percent. The stubborn myth of voter fraud has been debunked time after time, yet it will not go away — like the wild bot-fueled rumor of that Democrat-run child sex trafficking operation in the basement of a Washington DC pizza place (a place that had no basement) — there’s a large, growing movement based around that groundless conspiracy theory right now, applauded by the president himself [1].

The Heritage Foundation, a conservative “think tank” funded by Charles Koch and friends, published a study that found almost 1,100 cases of voter fraud between 2000 and 2018. For the state of Florida alone, Heritage lists one case in 2018 AND another one in 2017 (as well as THREE from 2015 and a whopping FIVE from 2013). Here’s the entry from 2017:

Gladys Coego, a temporary worker in the Miami-Dade County elections department during the November 2016 election, pleaded guilty to filling out the mail-in ballots of other voters in favor of Republican mayoral candidate Raquel Regalado. While she admitted to altering the ballots of at least two individuals, detectives believe that Coego likely fraudulently marked numerous other absentee ballots. She was sentenced to two years of house arrest. Source:,


The Heritage Foundation claims “at least 1,296” proven cases of voter fraud and 1,120 convictions (see their full report at the link above).

You can read a detailed critique of the Heritage Foundation’s Electoral Fraud study at the Brennan Center website. The lede: Claims that the Heritage Foundation document contains almost 1,100 proven instances of voter fraud are grossly exaggerated and devoid of context, Brennan Center researchers found — but that is not the point.

Even taking the study by Charles Koch and friends at its word — nationwide 1,296 instances of “recent, proven election fraud” in recent years, out of perhaps a billion votes cast — well, you don’t need a calculator to see that this is a nano-fraction of one percent of all the votes cast. Hardly grounds for a dozen or more federal lawsuits by Trump and the RNC claiming, with microscopic evidence, that mail-in voting is an ongoing invitation to massive voter fraud.

Let us fight this transparent lie about extensive voter fraud head-on — there are no guarantees about the future of our democracy.

I’m researching a reliable number of the total votes cast in every election between 2000 and 2018. Taking the Heritage Foundation’s 1,296 fraud cases and dividing it into the number of votes cast will give us a fraud prevalence perhaps much higher than the 44/millionths of one percent fraud number I have been going on [2]. The Heritage Foundation-derived percentage may be many, many times that, perhaps as high as 44/ten thousandths of one percent fraud. In which case…

Keep your eye on the ball, ladies and gentlemen — making the votes count and allowing people to vote safely.

I’m going to do my best in the coming days to figure out how to get this number and this idea out there, find a way to organize with others and do everything to ensure maximum votes are cast and counted. Keeping our eye on the immediate goal: voting these corrupt autocratic rascals out of power — which will happen 100% if all votes are counted, or even 90%.

Stay tuned.

[1] The word “Satanic” was removed from the description of this cabal of powerful pedophile cannibal Democrats, to make the QAnon theory more mainstream, to attract non-religious Christian Americans and even non-Christians (this conspiracy is a gigantic tent, like Trumpism itself). Every decent American can get behind a movement that stands for the protection of children from organized, predatory, sex-pervert cannibals. Fair is fair, evidence or no, you can’t argue with the idea that children must be protected from evil. If you can argue against it, what the Devil is wrong with you, pervert? God bless the children!


Number of states with active voter ID laws: 32

Number of laws passed to tighten voting laws since 2001: Over 1,000

2012 voter turnout: 129,085,403

Approximate number of 2012 voter fraud cases: 4

Projected number of 2016 voter fraud cases based on 2012 turnout: 4

Your odds of getting struck by lightning (twice!) are more likely than election fraud at: 1 in 9 million


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