The implausible storyline the president is pushing:

It was so unfair for the mayor of Kenosha to announce that the president was not welcome in his city in the aftermath of a police shooting (in the back, seven times) of an unarmed man getting into a car with his three children, and understandable deadly violence from a peace and president supporting white kid a few nights later. The president!! Not welcome! Unfair for the governor of Wisconsin to second the mayor of Wisconsin’s hostile announcement.

Unfair for people to assume that the police officer who shot the 29 year-old had any kind of bad motive until William Barr fully investigates the shooting — especially the criminal history of the so-called “victim.” Unfair for that decent young white kid Kyle to be attacked by a mob of thugs without having a chance to defend himself. Unfair that the real victims never get the chance to be considered innocent until proven guilty, while the real sick, dangerous, violent criminals are allowed to run free, because of politics and “political correctness.” Unfair that loyal Mike Flynn still faces “justice.”

Unfair that politically motivated hacks keep bringing up the now 185,000 dead Americans allegedly killed by a pandemic that the president has already done everything in anyone’s power to get under control — while “Democrat” governors and mayors of cities like Sodom and Gomorrah whine and try to blame the president, and Jared, and Pence for their own miserable failure. If it’s anybody’s fault, blame Pence! So unfair. Yeah, I know “National Emergency.” Not my fault. Unfair to blame me– it’s the DEMOCRATS, those communist agents who only want to destroy.

Unfair if I lose the upcoming election. There will be a bloodbath if I “lose” and the only way I can is if the election is rigged. If I “lose” the election is rigged. Only a rigged election can cause my hugely successful presidency to be fraudulently ended. Unfair. The Democrats want to make it easier to vote, just so they can point to all those fake ballots and claim they won. Blood on the streets, I promise you, boys and girls, if, God forbid, their evil plan goes forward. Ask my loyal followers, they will not stand for it. Do you think that 600 truck caravan of my supporters pepper spraying and paint-balling Godless traitors in Portland was a joke? He who laughs last, laughs best, losers.

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