This is just wrong

As the US Supreme Court (in Shuttlecawk v. United Shayssh) and the Bible (everywhere) both rule — a powerful public white man’s private life shall remain completely private at all timesyea, and none shall be compelled to give testimony, (which is de facto false witness and a violation of the Ninth Commandment [God] and First and Second Amendments [U.S. Constitution]) in a conspiracy to trample this inviolable right of absolute privacy (for the powerful) [1]. While the Supreme Court stopped short of outright sanctioning death by stoning for this offense (though the majority was openly coy in suggesting it might be not inappropriate in certain cases), the Bible is quite clear about the Lord’s chosen remedy for those who expose the privacy of the most powerful among us. Thus it has always been.

And yet:

Jesus Christ Himself is stewing up in heaven over this treacherous and unsolicited attack on his chosen imperfect vessel, you can be quite sure of that!

[1] As someone on Twitter recently observed:

it’s hard to win an argument with a smart person, it’s impossible to win an argument with a stupid one.

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