The long “Libertarian” campaign against the US Postal Service

In their single-minded determination to privatize every aspect of American government, outside of the military and the police (and possibly local fire departments) wealthy lovers of Liberty have long eyed the popular United States Postal Service as ripe for privatization. The history of this well-engineered plan is discussed here. It is laid out in an article HERE

Ridding us all of the US Postal Service was a longtime dream of America’s most aggressive and influential Libertarian, Charles Koch. Koch-funded institutes, think-tanks, candidates and other organs of influence have moved his once extremist vision into mainstream Republican politics Here is a short history of the recent, organized Republican/Trump administration attempt to bankrupt and dismantle the public postal system.

The skinny: 2006 the lame duck Republican Senate (rascals voted out in the blue wave that preceded Obama 2008), a few days before Christmas, in the dead of night, by voice vote, passed the crippling , Postal Accountablity and Enhancement Act, forcing the Postal Service to fully fund all pensions 75 years in advance, eventually creating a $72,000,000, hole in the USPS budget.

It turns out that, during the Obama administration, of course, Mitch McConnell blocked the nominations by Obama for the USPS Board of Governors. This left the board vacant and allowed Trump to fill all vacancies. This allowed the USPS Board of Governors to appoint Louis DeJoy, until May the finance director of the Trump 2020 campaign, during the pandemic, when voting by mail became much more crucial to ensuring everyone’s right to vote safely. This appointment allowed DeJoy to remove mailboxes and high-speed sorting machines and institute strict rules about overtime in order to hobble the timely delivery of mail.

As always, nothing to see here. Nothing to fucking see here!

In other news:

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