Blood libel 2020 style

In recent centuries, whenever angry European peasants and other low paid workers, their masters’ foot on their necks, needed a reason to riot and rape and kill Jews in springtime, the Blood Libel was a handy rationale.   The idea was simple:  Jews kidnapped and killed young Christian children around Easter time because they needed young Christian  blood to make matzoh for Passover.

Matzoh, a crisp, very thin flatbread, is made of flour and water.   Of course we don’t list the secret ingredient, Christian child blood, on the box!  Proves the cunning of my accursed race, does it not?   There you go.

We have a similar conspiracy theory afoot in the United States at the moment.   QAnon believers are convinced, by a secret soothsayer named Q, that the “Democrat” party is run by a cabal of pedophiles who kidnap and traffic young children for sex and then kill and eat them.   These evil perverts seek something in the children’s blood, apparently to give them superpowers or something.

Naturally, when asked about this conspiracy theory point blank, a theory that many of the president’s most ardent supporters take as gospel, Mr. Trump had a nonchalant reply.    From the Grey Skank:

When told by a reporter about the central premise of the QAnon theory — a belief that Mr. Trump is saving the world from a satanic cult made up of pedophiles and cannibals connected to Democratic Party figures, so-called deep-state actors and Hollywood celebrities — Mr. Trump did not question the validity of the movement or the truth of those claims.

Instead, he offered his help.

“Is that supposed to be a bad thing or a good thing?” the president said lightly, responding to a reporter who asked if he could support that theory. “If I can help save the world from problems, I am willing to do it. I’m willing to put myself out there.”

Mr. Trump’s cavalier response was a remarkable public expression of support for conspiracy theorists who have operated in the darkest corners of the internet and have at times been charged with domestic terrorism and planned kidnapping.

In normal times, this would be very alarming.   But these are not normal times.   

I’m more interested in what unreported tissue of bullshit the president’s army of lawyers presented to Judge Ranjan in the Federal District of Western Pennsylvania almost a week ago.   You will recall they were ordered by the Trump-appointed judge to present evidence of mail-in voter fraud, or admit they have none, by close of business Friday, August 14.   Since then: crickets.

Of course, whatever that legal filing might or might not contain, or whatever its implications, it pales next to the horrific specter of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris gleefully sodomizing terrified white children and then drinking their blood.   You know what I’m sayin’?   

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