Did Trump 2020 and the RNC submit evidence of mail-in voting fraud late Friday afternoon?

As the president throws bloody Trump steaks to his hungry base, calling moderate, longtime compromiser (sometimes in the worst sense of the word) Joe Biden a “puppet of the radical left” and fomenting against “left wing fascists” (why not just call us by our proper name — liberal cucks?) his reelection campaign filed papers Friday, as ordered by federal Judge J. Nicholas Ranjan, with evidence of mail-in voting fraud or an admission that they don’t have squat.

The papers were filed in the District Court of Western Pennsylvania where the Trump campaign and the RNC are trying to block the expansion of mail-in voting in one of a handful of swing states, a state whose 20 electoral votes Trump took last time by a whopping 0.7% of votes cast [1] — a state whose electoral votes went to the Democratic presidential candidate in 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012. 

I know that Trump 2020 and the RNC filed papers late Friday only because someone at the Pittsburgh Public Radio station, WESA, returned my email to tell me so.   Otherwise, the news of what was filed remains unreported– anywhere.   THE FILINGS ARE APPARENTLY ON-LINE RIGHT NOW.  (More about that shortly — eh, I’ll drop a footnote [2])

I followed up with the guy at WESA just now (the only news service I contacted that got back to me):

Any update on this story?   It’s odd to me that there has been ZERO follow-up in the media, anywhere.   The outcome of this federal lawsuit could radically change the voting landscape in Pennsylvania and in every other “battleground” state.   I learned (from Wikipedia) that the case is scheduled for oral arguments on September 22, but not a peep about the Friday filing… whether Trump 2020 and RNC presented evidence of mail-in voting fraud or admitted they have none — a little disquieting.     I believe the documents should be currently available on PACER.

A few hours later, this update from the news director, Patrick:

There’s an entry in PACER suggesting exhibits were filed yesterday, but the link doesn’t have any materials. We’ll continue to follow.

to which I replied:

Thanks, Patrick.  

The plot thickens?  Does it strike you as odd that this is not a national story?





According to the final tallies, Trump won Pennsylvania by 0.7 percentage points (44,292 votes), Wisconsin by 0.7 points (22,748 votes), Michigan by 0.2 points (10,704 votes). If Clinton had won all three states, she would have won the Electoral College 278 to 260.     source


[2]  I haven’t used PACER for years, certainly not since retiring from the practice of law several years ago.   Don’t remember my log-in.   The PACER website did not send me the email it told me was on the way, a code that would only be active for 15 minutes.  Ten minutes on hold did not connect me to anyone at their live desk– a robot eventually came on to recite, in an uncanny impersonation of Stephen Hawking, the bit about experiencing longer than usual wait times. 

At a federal agency that only fields calls from people, who forgot their log-in info, looking for help getting on the federal database of court filings.   It is what it is.  


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