first email to local news director

The National Public Radio station in Pittsburgh (site of the federal court where Trump v. Boockvar — the president’s lawsuit to restrict mail-in voting in Pennsylvania —  is being battled out)

I’m writing from NYC, concerned that an important news item about the upcoming election, federal Judge Ranjan’s Thursday’s order to Trump 2020 and the RNC to produce evidence of mail-in voting fraud or state they have none, is not being followed up by any news outlet that I can find. 
Google produces no results for updates on what happened when the judge’s Friday deadline came and went.   
I thought your station reported on the order yesterday, but, as I didn’t find anything recent about the case on your website, I seem to have been wrong.   Here is the troubling issue in a nutshell.
The NY Times reported on Friday afternoon:
a few hours later, a search of the NYT online edition, even using parts of the quoted article, yielded zero results — nothing found — the article itself, not found.   
CNN, UPI, Bloomberg and others also reported on the story when the judge made his order, it’s a potentially huge federal lawsuit for the future of our democracy — no follow up?
I know things are crazy now in the USA, but have we actually entered the Twilight Zone, Patrick? 
only “update” I’ve been able to find online today, from the J. Nicholas Ranjan Wikipedia page:
In August 2020, Ranjan ordered the Trump campaign to produce evidence of voter fraud in Pennsylvania by Friday, August 14. The Trump campaign must answer questions from Democratic groups, or admit to having no proof of election fraud. A hearing about the evidence is set for late September.[9]
I’d be grateful for a little light on this important case,

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