I May Need Some Reader Help with this one

I rarely get comments here on this seldom read blahg, so when I do I give the comment careful attention.   Yesterday I got this one, from an American patriot and Trump supporter with the handle Muckeyduck (commenting on my totally unfair piece about five inspectors general that Mr. Trump allegedly fired during the so-called pandemic YOU CAN READ MY MINDLESS POST THAT INSPIRED HIS COMMENT HERE):

What a deep state motivated crock of shit. Trump administration has zero scandals thus far. You TDS enraged globalist hacks point to cronies, and lies, and unscrupulous activity but you never say who those cronies are, or identify those lies, or activities.

You are communicating with others who cannot think for themselves, the sheep. People who are likewise infected with TDS, like you. You are a stooge for the globalist, and deep state permanent political class that is intent on ending our freedoms in America.

People are being redpilled in massive numbers, because they see through you fackery. American is waking up. #walkaway #Blexit #TRUMP2020

My question is about Muckeyduck’s last paragraph.   (TDS, by the way, is Trump Derangement Syndrome, the rabid insanity produced by a refusal to grant the greatness of our greatest ever president)

As far as I could learn online, in a few seconds, I took red-pilled, a term from The Matrix, as a term disparaging those who drink the Liberal Fake Media Kool-aid and believe the widespread lies being told about our greatest citizens.    This misunderstanding of redpilled left me unable to parse Muckeyduck’s finale.

My mistaken understanding of “redpilled” was based on a hasty reading of this online definition:

“You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.

You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

Usually means that a Liberal has become more right winged.

Person 1: “Omg, Jennifer told me that she no longer feels she is Gender Queer!”
Person 2: “Perhaps she is now Red Pilled.”

I think I may have just answered my own question with a few additional seconds of internet research.  My eyes have been opened.   The urban dictionary (in another definition) defines red pill like this:

“This is your last chance. After this there is no turning back. You take the blue pill: the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill: you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” – Morpheus, The Matrix

‘Red pill’ has become a popular phrase among cyberculture and signifies a free-thinking attitude, and a waking up from a “normal” life of sloth and ignorance. Red pills prefer the truth, no matter how gritty and painful it may be.

Now I understand my red pill friend Muckeyduck’s final comment and what he was trying to tell me.   People are waking up en masse from a narcotized life of sloth and ignorance and finally thinking for themselves, grasping the gritty truth, unlike mindless globalist bots like me. 

“Globalist” by the way, in the red-pilled sense, doesn’t refer to American corporations that produce products cheaply in places like China, and base their operations outside of the US,  in order to minimize taxes owed and maximize profits.  Globalist is not to be mistaken for a reference to good Americans like Ivanka Trump and her Chinese trademarks, making her fine fashion products at a shrewd discount in Chinese factories.   

“Globalist,” as used by those who believe the Trump administration has been scandal-free thus far, is a completely objective term for Jews (like me), the internationally omnipresent people whose unscrupulous leaders secretly meet in the ancient Prague Cemetery periodically, at midnight (according to certain secret, unreliable “eyewitness” accounts you can read in many of the world’s languages), and plot the subjugation of the human race.  It is this “globalist” conspiracy which is to blame for the powerful cabal of “Democrats” in the US, a party dominated by pedophile cannibals, their hideous secret revealed online to initiates by the mysterious Q-Anon.   

For interested readers, the entire “globalist” plot is painstakingly laid out in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (original Russian title: Протоколы сионских мудрецов), for anybody with the eyes, and the willingness to swallow a particular kind of red pill, to see.  

For my globalist money, I’d recommend, instead, the madly delicious account of the creation of this infamous and widely influential  antisemitic forgery The Prague Cemetery,  by Umberto Eco. [1]

Also Pogrom: Kishniev and the Tilt of History, a brilliantly condensed, beautifully written short history by Steven J. Zipperstein, which also describes the creation of this influential Bible of conspiracy theory.  

And now, my dear sheep, let me count you and back to sleep with us all.


[1]  Be forewarned, though.   The review I linked to above does not find Eco’s book as deliciously mad an account of the infamous forgery as I did.   After praising the scope of the book’s ambition, the reviewer comes to the point (talk about red pills…):

In practice, though, The Prague Cemetery is a tiring plod. Eco is much indebted to Jorge Luis Borges, and this is the sort of exercise – a fictional version of a true story of a fake which had a powerful effect on the real world – that the Argentine writer would have turned into a dizzying, flawlessly executed five-page short story. But over Eco’s flaccid 400-plus pages, it is frustrating and unsatisfactory. All the vices of the historical novel are there: the wodges of researched material; the easy, silly ironies (that Austrian Jew turns out to be a certain “Dr Froide”). The characters are little more than vessels for the author’s erudition. What John Updike called Eco’s “orgy of citation and paraphrase” often becomes unbearable. His desire to cover pages with occult lore is unabated (“Secretary of the Savonarola Lodge in Florence, Venerable of the Giordano Bruno Lodge of Palmi, Sovereign Grand Inspector-General, thirty-third degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish rite …”, and so on and on). For all the homage paid to Dumas, the plot is stodgy and repetitive. It is hard, at times, to remember which blandly threatening puppetmaster or sinister Jesuit we are dealing with.

And so on.

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