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What’s America coming to when you can’t even listen to a decent American Congressman argue on youTube that the racist “Democrat” [1]  party should be outlawed in peace these days…?

these ads are out of control… why do we have to get past these when we’re trying to digest a straightforward patriotic expression from a member of Congress!

Mr. Gohmert (R-Texas) introduced a resolution in Congress that would ban the Democratic Party.   Because they are the party of the Ku Klux Klan and slavery, argues Gohmert.  Beyond that:

“Their strategy is if we can keep America in turmoil, the riots, the economic problems that Covid has caused, then it’s better for getting rid of Donald Trump.  And it’s sad, but it appears they don’t care so much about letting America heal because they want the political advantages they think come from seeing America devastated, just so they can get back in power.   That is horrendous, the Republicans have never felt that way and still do not.”



[1]  Representative Gohmert does slip up and refer to the hated Democrat Party as the Democratic Party a few times.

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