No Surprises, but still

For a “transactional” person like Donald Trump, life itself is about the necessity of “winning” every single “transaction”. Every imaginable interaction in life, by the way, can be seen a transaction — a business deal. His niece stated the obvious about the upbringing that brings about this kind of mentality in this excerpt from the book the Trump family has been in court trying to prevent the release of:

“Fred [Sr.] hated it when his oldest son [Fred Jr. –ed.] screwed up or failed to intuit what was required of him, but he hated it even more when, after being taken to task, Freddy apologized. ‘Sorry, Dad,'” Mary writes, adding that Fred Sr. would “mock” Freddy for apologizing.

“Fred wanted his oldest son to be a ‘killer.'”

Mary describes this incentive structure in the Trump household as having “destroyed” Donald Trump, with Fred Sr. leaving no room for emotions or vulnerability.

“That’s what sociopaths do: they co-opt others and use them toward their own ends — ruthlessly and efficiently, with no tolerance for dissent or resistance.”


Donald, the second youngest of five children of the sociopathic Fred Trump Sr., neither dissented from nor resisted his autocratic father’s demanding job description for him: win at any cost. The mythical “small million dollar loan” that Trump claims started his fabulously successful career as a billionaire businessman was calculated at $400,000,000 in today’s dollars (source: lying NY Times). Those hundreds of millions were provided by Fred Sr. over several decades to bail out his inept heir in the course of several huge business failures and bankruptcies. Who cares?

That’s why we have courts! Donald Trump is the most litigious man ever to become president of the United States. How many times has Trump been involved in litigation? Many, as plaintiff and defendant both. This no-doubt lying account claims he has been in court 4,095 times in the last three decades. When we say “he” we mean his legal team, of course.

Trump learned about the power a rich person can wield using the courts at an early age, from master of the dark art of weaponized lawsuits, the disgraced Roy Cohn. Cohn famously, and audaciously, counter-sued the US Department of Justice in 1973 when it brought a lawsuit, under the Fair Housing Act, to force the Trumps to integrate their federally subsidized apartment complexes. The outrageous accusation that this good American family was racist just because they didn’t rent to colored people was defamation! The case was tied up in court for years, by Cohn’s wrangling with the DOJ, until a settlement was worked out: the Trumps would allow federal inspectors to make sure the Trumps were following the law, but without any admission of wrongdoing from the Trumps. Trumps win!

The more than twenty lying women, with their vicious accusations right before the 2016 election that Trump was a transgressive, sexually aggressive pig — virtually every one of these liars a dog he wouldn’t rub against with Mike Pence’s putz, by the way — they would all be sued right after the election, Trump promised. Not one was. SO WHAT!?? All this senseless hatred for a man who won the election fair and square. Just jealousy.

Even many of Mr. Trump’s supporters can probably stipulate that Mr. Trump is a liar, a big one, a bad one, that he appears to have a compulsion to say whatever it is he thinks he needs to say to win a given “transaction.” It’s all just “business” these things of life are all just transactions, stories to be told persuasively to get what you need.

So if, for example, he’d been forced to fire his National Security Advisor for lying to his Vice President, and then that same man lied to the FBI and then cooperated with an illegal witch hunt started after his boss exercised his perfectly legal right to fire an FBI director who refused to be loyal and drop the case against the man… well, that’s what the law is for. To make ugly looking things like that go away.

His trust in his loyal, racist Attorney General Jeff Sessions was betrayed when Sessions followed the advice of DOJ Ethics lawyers and properly recused himself from supervising the Special Counsel’s investigation into a matter Sessions had been caught being untruthful about. There were many contacts between Russians and the Trump campaign, including by Sessions, and Russia, even the Republican Senate acknowledged, interfered in all 50 states during the election. Still — Sessions had to go for that betrayal of his boss, the transaction was completely unacceptable, left the president open for literally anything. Trump eventually found the incarnation of Roy Cohn in his current unprincipled Attorney General, Bill Barr, a man who had unscrupulously auditioned for the job, promising to protect the Unitary Executive no matter what charges were leveled against him.

If Comey had only made the “Flynn thing” go away, as Trump had asked, no need to appoint the Special Counsel, no need to document the 140 instances of coordination between Trump’s campaign and the Russians, no need to detail the ten specific acts of too close to call (if an OLC memo prevents charging a sitting president) obstruction of justice committed by the president whose lawyers insisted could neither be accused of, charged with or investigated for anything, while president.

“So are you saying the president could literally shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and he couldn’t arrested or even investigated for the shooting?” asked an incredulous federal judge at one point during a another of the many hearings Trump’s lawyers initiated to delay resolution of relatively simple matters that their client would eventually lose on (delay is as good as victory in many lawsuits, we learn).

“Yes,” said Trump’s lawyer, with a straight face.

So, sure, the president’s assertion of a blanket immunity for everything he ever discussed with anyone, under any circumstances and all documents pertaining in any way to the president or his business affairs — not constitutional. The president’s insistence that he can’t be investigated, that nobody he knows can ever be compelled to obey a legally issued subpoena? Balderdash. And yet… he wins by dragging things out again and again, keeping things hidden.

His big idea is that once Flynn is free of charges for the crimes he committed and pleaded guilty to, crimes Barr now realizes were actually, likely, crimes committed against Flynn by Trump’s enemies, the Mueller witch hunt will be shown to be yet another piece of this criminal betrayal by his vicious, sick enemies. No Flynn guilt, no reason Comey shouldn’t have dropped the unfair, illegal case. No need to fire Comey, no special prosecutor witch hunt, no stain on his perfect presidency.

Today, big surprise, we get the sparing of longtime Trump ally Roger Stone, a man afraid of death if he was forced to report to prison for his 40 month sentence. Well, we can say this, Bill Barr, the president’s top legal advisor, has learned a few things from his own sordid history.

A pardon is an acknowledgment that the person being pardoned was guilty of what he was charged for. The pardoned person can later be compelled to come to court, or before the House or Senate, and be questioned under oath about the matters he was guilty of. All kinds of ugly, potentially dangerous details can come out. Commutation of a sentence, on the other hand, means that the details of the crimes of someone like Roger Stone are now protected by the Fifth Amendment, since without the pardon he can further incriminate himself about. Stone can never be compelled to utter a word about anything related to his crimes.

Dirty tricks committed by Stone, Wikileaks, Gucifer 2.0, Russia, on behalf of Mr. Trump’s campaign? Go jump in a lake. Tweets about the trial judge in his case featuring her face in the crosshairs of a rifle? Free speech, same as threats to witnesses against him. Parties he and his buddy attended at the sumptuous home of Jeffrey Epstein? Please…

Devils and darkness. As long as the darkness is complete, what goddamned devils are you even talking about, man? And, beyond that– so what?!

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