Civil War Reenactor Death Cult

I don’t pretend to fully understand some things about human behavior. Why did tens of thousands of poor southern whites, men who benefited zero from slavery, enthusiastically enlist in the Slaveholder’s (the antebellum 1%) Insurrection, the American Civil War?

It was cast as the fight for freedom, to protect a cherished way of life from tyrannical encroachment, a glorious cause to die for, OK, but how does that actually work? How do thousands of men sign up to fight to the death (or dismemberment) for a cause they derive no benefit from? I have never been able to wrap my brain around that one.

The continued controversy over removing/not removing statutes of traitors to the United States, men who took up arms in a bloody rebellion against their country, for the sake of “home rule” is just as mysterious in its way. These statues were erected decades after the Civil War, during the height of xenophobia, white supremacism and what is quaintly called Jim Crow — the viciously racist Black Codes in all of the states of the defeated Confederacy.

These statues were monuments to a glorious lost cause that will never die: White Supremacy. Sometimes they were placed on pedestals near the sites of forgotten (by whites) atrocities against black citizens. What nation puts up statues honoring violent traitors who treated their countrymen as enemies to kill? What is the actual controversy about taking down these deliberate rewritings of history erected decades after the Confederacy lost the war to preserve its cherished autonomy?

Today’s events are giving me a tiny bit of insight, but not much. We are seeing that same “mentality” of irrational, heroic certainty in action, during a plague, a highly infectious, incurable, often deadly pandemic. The president has (while accusing his enemies of doing the same) politicized reasonable medical precautions, like the CDC-recommended wearing of masks — only faggots, douchebags and cowards wear masks, masks are for cucks, weak, loser men whose wives have sex with others because their cuckolded husbands are so lacking in virility. As for women? Who cares, grab ’em by their gullible husband’s pussies. If you’re the leader, they let you do it!

In every state that has reopened on a wide scale, cases of COVID-19 have reached new record levels. This is not spin, it’s not the result of better testing by a brilliant administration always one step ahead of the rest of the world. It’s data, verifiable numbers based on new reported infections. Florida — big increase in COVID-19 since reopening, the most cases ever so far in that state. Same unmistakable cause and effect in Texas, Georgia, Alabama, most, if not all, of the former Confederacy, in fact. Check the map. Jesus, it’s not all that hard to see the trend. If you trust your eyes, rather than the assurances of a compulsive liar.

I don’t know how to think of the president’s deliberate lying, in this case about the science, other than depraved indifference to human life, malignant narcissism or simply good old-fashioned evil. He’s hellbent on basking in the adoration of his people, a solid block of Americans who vociferously love him no matter what.

As one of his many lawyers insisted in federal court, somehow keeping a straight face, (in a case claiming absolute secrecy for everything the president or anyone he talks to says or does), the president could not be arrested or criminally investigated if he shot somebody on Fifth Avenue. The point is clear, Mr. Trump could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue, in the face, with a small caliber handgun, then skull-fuck the corpse, and not lose a single vote. Chant it with me: USA! USA!!!.

The man does have an undeniable talent for spinning things, to the delight of his unshakable base. Here’s his quick, witty take on the recent events on American streets, the plague, the ongoing mass protests against widespread police brutality against unarmed Americans, and radical Democratic tyranny (and of course, the media’s constant, shameless lies):

You can’t “Covid Shame” a leader like Trump– NO WAY. He’s determined to have live rallies. They are what he lives for, literally, vividly performing for adoring campaign rally crowds.

In spite of the way he often sounds, the man’s not completely stupid. He knows there could likely be a pandemic spike among those who attend his live, packed, freedom loving, maskless rallies. He truly doesn’t care. Plus– he’s taken a reasonable precaution. His lawyers have drawn up a waiver that everyone who attends his rally must sign before they will be admitted. Standard legal disclaimer of any and all liability, the kind you must click “Accept” at the bottom of to use virtually any on-line product.

If you catch this incurable Democrat HOAX disease, don’t try to blame us, numb nuts! We’ve got your electronic John Hancock right here on the waiver. The language, you can plainly see, is neither hortatory (as the president tweeted of something else recently) nor precatory, it is unambiguous and mandatory, binding and iron-clad. Read it and sign, chump. Then scream along with me: LOCK THEM UP! LOCK THEM UP!!!

Now, let the wild rumpus begin! The South shall rise again!

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