From Just Before the Plague

Remember these carefree days before 110,000 of us died of a fake virus that was a Democrat HOAX? This was back in early February, right after the end of the Impeachment HOAX, following the witch hunt HOAX, the roots of which are now being strongly investigated by Barr’s DOJ so the architects of it can be severely punished!

Here’s the latest from the Lincoln Project, probably not the ad the thin-skinned president wants to see right now:

Plus, not for nothing, less than a month ago America’s 600 billionaires (people with at least one thousand million dollars) had made an additional $450,000,000,000 dollars (during the first two months of the pandemic quarantine). Today that number stands at $565,000,000,000 and counting. You can look it up. How’s that for USA! USA!!!!

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