The “Most Militaristic Person Ever”

Bagpiper Bill Barr took a walk of the protest perimeter yesterday and ordered peaceful protesters violently dispersed so his master, the unfairly persecuted president, could stage a photo-op holding up a bible in front of a church near the White House and pretend he is not the anti-Christ.  Peaceful protesters who’d been near St. John’s Episcopal church were dispersed with tear gas, blows, officers on horseback, with National Guard pointing guns at them, a wall of Military Police braced behind shields to “dominate the battle space” (the phrase of Trump uber-loyalist Mark Esper, the man who replaced Jim Mattis as Secretary of Defense.  Esper, by the way, clarified his stance today.) 

The president whines incoherently (on Twitter) that a private company, Twitter, is violating his First Amendment (which begins: Congress shall make no law… [1])  rights by pointing out, with a link to a fact check, when he is lying.  SO UNFAIR!  THIS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN!  Days later he uses military force to actively violate the First Amendment by depriving a peaceful crowd of the right “peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

At the photo-op, the falsely pious president holds a bible aloft in his gloved hand, presumably not to have to touch the filthy thing.  Next to him is the religious fanatic Attorney General doing what he fervently believes is Christ’s will on earth, as the original Jesuits did 500 years ago when they made their infallible legal arguments that the Prince of Peace wanted heretics tortured to death in His name.    The bishop of Saint John’s Episcopal church expressed horror, saying she was deeply offended by the president’s shameless use of the church as a backdrop for his strongman move and brazen photo-op.

I read in the NY Times that one of the architects of the photo-op was none other than former White House assistant Hope Hicks, the loyal, pretty young woman who told Mueller she’d never seen the president as upset as when he groaned “I’m fucked!” after learning a special counsel had been appointed to investigate his campaign’s collusion with Russia.    Hicks was surrounded by a large team of government and personal lawyers when she went to Capitol Hill to testify about this, answered virtually no questions, left government employment.   

To refresh our memories, Hicks resigned from her previous role in 2018, a day after she admitted to lawmakers in closed-door testimony that she had told “white lies” as part of her job working for Trump.



She was quietly rehired (right after Trump was completely and totally exonerated by Barr and in the impeachment “trial” [2]), after a two year vacation, and is currently a top Trump adviser.   Loyalty pays.   Everyone around the man has demonstrated extreme loyalty to him.  It’s the only job qualification to work for the incompetent president.  [3]

An uncharacteristically somber Seth Meyers puts it all best:



[1]  Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

[2]  I use the quotation marks because it was the first Senate trial in history where the introduction of evidence and the testimony of witnesses were not allowed.   A true Make American Great Again trial, just like on the frontier — if we like the guy, we let him go — if we hate the guy– execute him, after a fair trial.  Manafort?  Let him out of prison, there’s a pandemic.   Imprisoned whistle blower, migrant, someone who can’t afford bail?   Fuck him/her/it, let ’em die on dirty prison ventilators.  Like that traitorous singing rat Michael  Cohen.   There’s no favoritism here!   Ask Mike Flynn. 

[3]  The CNN account continues:

Hicks was also interviewed by the panel about any knowledge she had of contacts that occurred between other Trump associates and Russians.
What is most interesting about this development is not so much that Hicks is coming back, but the timing of her return. Hicks initially quit her position under the scrutiny of law enforcement and Congress. Her return as an adviser to the President says a lot about a renewed sense of confidence and impunity that Trumpers are likely feeling after the President’s impeachment acquittal by the Senate. That impunity is a stain on the presidency. Hicks’ return is only the latest example the outrageous ways that Trump prizes loyalty and devotion at the expense of truth and patriotism.
“There is no one more devoted to implementing President Trump’s agenda than Hope Hicks,” Kushner said in a statement. “We are excited to have her back on the team.”






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