Schematic of Psychotic Injustice Barr/Flynn edition

I am not a psychiatrist, so I use “psychotic” in the ordinary, generic way, to mean shockingly sick, destructive and otherwise not susceptible to reasonable discussion.

Check out the schematic of this latest unappealable Trump/Barr Department of Justice reversal of logic and legal fact.   Granted, Barr dropped the case against the admittedly guilty Mike Flynn to please the most destructive and unreasonable two year-old ever to hold the world’s most powerful office, but, still.   Strikingly disturbing, when you consider it boiled down to it’s essence, the counter-factual  way the current “victors” are rewriting history in real time and peddling it to the credulous.

Barr’s reasoning is simple: no Flynn crime/plea/conviction, no need to fire Comey over refusal to drop Flynn probe, no need for Sessions’ recusal, no need for the appointment of a Special Counsel to investigate Trump.  No problematic Mueller Report, no grounds for partisan impeachment, end of story. Trump innocent of any and all hints of anything but being the greatest ever.

The facts of the story Barr has tried to rewrite are easy enough to follow:

General Mike Flynn, who led the chants of “Lock Her Up!   Lock Her Up!” at Trump rallies (and also at the RNC, if memory serves) was made National Security Advisor by Donald Trump after Trump won the 2016 presidential election.  

Prior to Trump’s assumption of power in January 2017, during the transition period when the Obama Administration was still in power, Flynn spoke to the Russian ambassador, assuring him that in spite of Obama’s sanctions and the Justice Department’s ongoing investigation into later well-documented Russian interference for Trump in 2016, that Russia-US relations would be fine once Trump was sworn in.

News of this illegal conversation reached Vice President Mike Pence, who questioned Flynn about it.   Flynn lied to Pence, assuring him that he’d never had any contact with the Russians.   Pence repeated this lie on national TV.   Pence subsequently learned Flynn had lied to him.   Trump, with great reluctance, fired Flynn for lying to Pence.   He explained the necessity to fire Flynn, a wonderful man and a hero, to a saddened nation via Twitter.

There had been an ongoing Department of Justice investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, sunce the summer of 2016.   Mitch McConnell had successfully intimidated Obama out of making a public announcement about the government’s concern (well-founded, it turned out, and amply documented now, in several official bipartisan reports) with widespread Russian interference in the 2016 election.  The news of the DOJ investigation into pro-Trump Russian meddling would not break until after the election was over [1].   

Now Trump, as president, asks everyone else to leave the room and asks FBI Director Jim Comey if he has his undivided personal loyalty.   He tells the uncomfortable Comey that Flynn is a good guy and that the FBI needs to drop this “Flynn thing,”  as a show of good faith toward the new administration.    Comey balks.   Trump fires and attacks Comey.  Comey, according to Trump, is a very sick and dangerous man.

Jeff Sessions, Trump’s Attorney General, is caught lying under oath in the Senate (by then-Senator Al Franken) about his own contacts with the Russian government during that same transition period.    Sessions seeks the advice of the DOJ Ethics lawyers and correctly recuses himself from overseeing the Russia election interference investigation.   He could not have ethically supervised a probe into a matter he had lied about his participation in.  The appearance of impropriety would have cast a foul stench of bias over any investigation.  For perhaps the only time in his professional life, Sessions did the right and honorable thing.  Trump was furious at this betrayal by the weak, disloyal Sessions and repeatedly attacked him.

Assistant A.G. Rod Rosenstein now headed the DOJ investigation of Russian interference.  Within days of the Comey firing he was pretty much forced to appoint a Special Counsel, the well-respected, straight-shooting, devoutly Republican Robert Mueller III.  On May 17, 2017, when Trump found out about the appointment of the Special Counsel, he had a shit fit in the Oval Office, saying that he was fucked, his presidency was over, that a president can’t do his job once an investigation like this started.   He then lashed Sessions at length for his cowardice under fire, for his failure to loyally protect Trump from the Deep State traitors that surrounded him.

Mueller’s investigators interviewed Flynn.   Flynn had already arranged an interview with the FBI, and lied to them essentially the same way he’d lied to Pence. Flynn cooperated with Mueller’s investigators, with the understanding that it would help him avoid the maximum sentence for the crime of lying to the FBI.   Flynn was prosecuted for a federal crime and pleaded guilty, twice, under oath.

So, to recap.  No Flynn lies about his own misconduct, no demonstrable Pence lie on TV, no firing of Flynn, no need for the special favor from the sick and dangerous Jim Comey, no firing of Comey,  no recusal by weak A.G. Jeff Sessions in overseeing the quiet, ongoing Russia investigation — most likely never any Robert Mueller investigation.   

Now the game for Trump is, as it was when Mueller concluded he could not exonerate Trump for obstruction of justice (a felony, boys and girls),  to take the findings of Robert Mueller and dismiss them as the unprincipled accusations of a partisan coward too weak to do his job, which was to fully uncover the hoax of the false  claim that the Trump campaign had actively coordinated and colluded with Russian agents and to completely debunk the scurrilous innuendo that just because Trump was in a fury to end the Mueller probe, tried numerous times to do so, in fact, successfully obstructed justice (due to much perjury and destruction of documents, insufficient evidence of criminal conspiracy uncovered) … well, nothing to actually see here.

In other words, complete and total exoneration by the witch hunters determined to destroy Trump no matter what.

The story Barr and FOX immediately started repeating was that so-called Eagle Scout Mueller and his team turned out to be a Never-Trump sleeper cell working for Obama, the Mexicans, the Muslims, disloyal Jews, Hindus, the Clintons, George Soros, the traitorous Deep State, the Fake News and so on.

So, by dismissing the charges against a man at the center of the Mueller probe, who twice, under oath, admitted his guilt about lying (and lying multiple times, ruling out accidental untruth) about his illegal contacts with Russians, the lynchpin of the whole anti-Trump enterprise falls away leaving: NOTHING.  

A big, fat, Bagpiper Bill Barr-sized HOAX.   Communists, everywhere, we are upping the danger alert to RED.  RED!!!  VERY DANGEROUS!!!  Buy duct tape!  Return to work!   Save America from those who hate our freedom!!!! 



[1] Note: McConnell has staunchly resisted any and all efforts to protect the 2020 election from this ongoing interference, set out in great detail in Robert Mueller’s report (as well as House and Senate reports)  since it was favorable to his party, resulting in the historically great administration of  the unimpeachable Donald Trump, the best friend the radical right-wing has ever had in office.    Suck it, LOSERS.


One comment on “Schematic of Psychotic Injustice Barr/Flynn edition

  1. DGGYST says:

    There is so much Sociopathy in the white house. It’s all too much some days.

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