Pinhead Heir Emerges as Pandemic Czar

Sekhnet gets upset when I read her the most recent raving from our cunningly survivalist, unhinged, counter-grammatical Commander-in-Chief.   Most people I know cannot watch the compulsively lying, floridly bragging president who needs attention and approval as much as the angriest two year-old.  Some profess to become physically sick watching the reality TV star spew his divisive non sequitars. I can picture millions projectile vomiting as he speaks, though I admit, I’ve never seen even one Trump hater do it.   As for me, I can eat anything while watching short spurts of his shit spewing without even a twinge of nausea, though I avoid hearing him whenever I can.

Late last night Sekhnet read something on her phone that caused her to roar in disgust.  Mike “Cure Your Homosexual Child or Spend Eternity in Hellfire” Pence had, apparently, announced that Jared Kushner was officially in charge of all interactions with FEMA.   There had been a jumble at the top of the dungheap that is Trump’s supremely disorganized, jealous, competitive administration when it came to whether medical experts, Christian extremists or born-wealthy pinheads would have the final say about how to best fight this deadly and highly infectious disease.   A lot of back and front stabbing in Trump’s inner circle, as the Mooch described from his week as Communications Director for America’s Greatest Winner.  

Now Jared Kushner, flushed with his unbelievable victory in the war on Opiate Abuse and his successful brokering of a totally fair, one-sided peace deal between Israel and the Ungrateful, Loser, Uncooperative, Opportunity-blowing Palestinians [1], was in charge of the federal response to the coronavirus plague.   Sekhnet was almost howling at the news.   I couldn’t blame her, and I didn’t take the opportunity to ask her to pipe down because she was going to make me vomit.   I’ve acquired a fairly strong stomach.  That said, Kusher is a mediocrity who can barely craft an English sentence, and who, also like his powerful father-in-law, would be rightfully unknown without the vast inheritance he got from his father, and, in Jared’s case, outsized talents for ass-licking and arrogance.  

This example of Jared’s oratorical brilliance, for example, leaps off the page.  The new liaison between Americans at risk of dying in this pandemic and FEMA made this childishly nonsensical remark about the proper use of federal stockpiles:

the notion of federal stockpiles was it’s supposed to be our stockpile, it’s not supposed to be the states stockpiles that they then use

 Even the cadence of it is childish, like Boof Kavanaugh’s petulant “even when I did good enough at the confirmation hearing, they attacked me unfairly”.   The notion of somebody in charge of a vast health emergency being stupid enough to utter something like that on live TV… well, it’s supposed to be qualified, in some way, the person in the position to utter something that stupid, or else not.  It’s our right not to die, not his!

It is hard not to admire the unintended irony of this one, while we’re all “trying to think about who will be a competent manager” :

“What a lot of the voters are seeing now is that when you elect somebody to be a mayor or governor or president, you’re trying to think about who will be a competent manager during the time of crisis,” he said. “This is a time of crisis, and you’re seeing certain people are better managers than others.”

source [2]

The man is clearly an imbecile, qualified for nothing but looking like an imperious, entitled, well-born SS officer.  

Here is a great opinion piece from Paul Waldman on the half-wit in charge of the federal response to the pandemic, from the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post and here’s an equally good one from Michele Goldberg at the New York Times.   Read them and join Sekhnet, and countless other concerned Americans, in a good group howl.


[1]  I found myself howling, in laughter– not horror–  at the CNN chyrons as loyal Jared was giving himself and Trump props for the historic peace deal that his genius father-in-law had enlisted him to draft.  Check out the wonderful start of Christiane Amanpour’s interview with the great man, and mind the comically brilliant chyrons.   It’s not like both sides are needed at the negotiating table to craft a fair compromise, particularly when one side are stupid, evil, losers! ROTFLMAO!  



[2]  The incoherent ass-covering is kind of fun to watch, in a sick way.

from that same NPR piece:

A day after Kushner made his remarks, language on a government website about the national stockpile was changed to more closely reflect his description. But a spokesperson for the Department of Health and Human Services said the department had been using the new language for weeks. The assistant secretary for preparedness and response “first began working to update the website text a week ago to more clearly explain to state and local agencies and members of the public the role of the” Strategic National Stockpile, the spokesperson said.

When asked Friday about his son-in-law’s remarks, Trump said Kushner was “talking about our country.”

“We need it for the government and the federal government,” he said, complaining that state governments should have had their own stockpiles. “The federal government needs it, too, not just the states,” he said.

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