The Nicest Thing About the Recent Impeachment

During the days leading up to the Impeachment Trial, where partisan acquittal was ensured beforehand by a gentleman’s agreement to allow no fact witnesses or blocked documentary evidence to interfere with the smooth public exoneration process, and during the “trial” itself, there was a merciful silence from Attorney General Bagpiper Bill Barr.

Other Trump accomplices, (henchmen, if you prefer) were also blessedly silent during the “trial”.  We heard virtually nothing from Mick “I’ve got your Quid Pro right here!” Mulvaney, Mike Pompeo, or even the unstoppable, self-indicting (under any other DOJ) Rudy Giuliani.  

Most blessed of all the silence was that of the most openly corrupt Attorney General in modern U.S. history, the president’s deeply religious Roy Cohn, Bagpiper Bill Barr.

I loved that I didn’t have to hear his caviling, often unreasonable, legal-sounding braying, his false gravitas and pretensions of integrity, the piety of this malignant right wing provocateur, strong legal right arm of the unbound malignant narcissist president.  Barr’s public silence in defense of the lifelong scofflaw at whose pleasure he serves was the single nicest thing about the recent impeachment, to me.

Sadly, that shit is now over, back to business as usual (the business of angry, privileged white men, anyway) making America 1953 again.  USA!  USA!!!   (etc.)

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