I just watched President Trump’s lawyer, Jay Sekulow, repeatedly quote from an impartial, unimpeachable constitutional expert who says this impeachment is illegal– his co-counsel Alan Dershowitz.  Yesterday, Kenneth Starr, architect of the Clinton impeachment, argued about the danger of partisan impeachments like the one against Trump, and the dodgy, unconstitutional standard of Abuse of Power, although it was at the center of the impeachment he engineered in 1998. [1]  

Now, apparently, Senate Republicans working closely with Trump’s defense team, are worried about the increased possibility of an actual partial impeachment trial– rather than opening and closing arguments, a session of questions from Senators and a quick vote to acquit the eternally victimized innocent president before the State of the Union next week.

Only in America, folks.


[1] These two lawyers, Dershowitz and Starr, by the way, were the top-shelf attorneys who got that excellent deal for Jeffery Epstein a decade ago, a slap on the wrist for employing under-age “prostitutes” (he gave them money).

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