anodyne, credulous


In the bathroom of an apartment where we gathered yesterday to comfort an old friend whose mother just died, these napkins (above) were available for drying the hands after washing up in the bathroom.  Beautiful.  I put one in my pocket.

Picking up a random scrawling from the pile on my desk, I took a snapshot to test it as a background.  Two good words, written in fake gold. 

Anodyne: calculated to cause no distress, harmless.   

Credulous: willing to believe whatever one is told, gullible.  

If you are willing to believe anodyne explanations for complicated, sometimes dark things, with no need for evidence of any kind to weigh while making a decision about what to believe … I don’t even know how to end this sentence.  If you’re willing to believe any harmless [1] explanation that spares you pain or distress, so be it, I suppose.   The faith-based bypass of all reason is not for me, though.



[1] example of a comforting, anodyne explanation that is not harmless:  catastrophic climate change is a wholly natural phenomenon, unrelated to the constant burning of tons of carbon-rich fossil fuels and other man-made pollution.  The climate simply changes, according to the Creator’s perfect plan, as we wait for the return of Jesus; there is no cause for alarm, partisan CLIMATE ALARMISTS!

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