Trump Irate After Navy Seeks to Discipline SEAL Eddie Gallagher, unfairly convicted of fake war crimes in Navy ‘kangaroo court’

SEAL Eddie Gallagher is Trump’s kind of platoon leader: 

Both defense attorneys and prosecutors agree that Gallagher’s relationship with his former platoon was growing increasingly acrimonious.

The SO1 sniper told NCIS that one of the SEAL SO1s who assisted Gallagher with the wounded detainee said the chief had begun threatening “to kill mother(expletives)” who accused him of wrongdoing.

Gallagher allegedly told two lieutenants and another chief that he had dirt “on all of them” and “would bring them all down” if they reported his war crimes, prosecutors wrote.

As more witnesses began reciting their allegations against the chief, prosecutors contend that Gallagher circulated their identities to others in the SEAL community “and encouraged them to disclose the names and blacklist them.”

That included Gallagher telling another platoon chief that “the rest of the platoon were afraid to go out on patrol during the deployment and they were all cowards,” according to the NCIS report about the SO1 sniper’s interview.

Three months ago, prosecutors argued that Gallagher “spread numerous rumors about his teammates to members of the SEAL community, describing them as cowards who were afraid to go out on missions during deployment and went so far as to tell the new chain of command for teammates who had transferred,” according to a filing provided to Navy Times.


You can be sure POTUS didn’t need to hear even that much about the case to love the SEAL (or as Trump tweets “Seal”) the Navy was poised to remove from the elite unit after he was convicted of posing with the corpse of a teenager he was alleged to have stabbed to death moments before.  Gallagher was demoted by the Navy and lost some pay.

Gallagher is the kind of “take no prisoners” tough guy the draft evading, torture loving, Muslim banning president loves.  Trump would have been just like him, if only that podiatrist, a commercial tenant of his father’s, hadn’t kept diagnosing him with crippling bone spurs.  Trump championed Gallagher’s case, publicly praised him many times, restored his rank after the Navy demoted him, and also restored his lost pay.   Trump and close friend Sean Hannity made Gallagher a national hero on FOX News, and gave Gallagher the platform to plead his case that excessive zeal in war, alleged killing of a few girls, old men and so forth, is no vice, if done in the name of liberty and fighting TERROR .

So, while so many are openly and disloyally challenging the president’s exercise of his powers under Article II, the president rose up to assert his unappealable powers to insist the Navy leave this great, unfairly maligned, hero alone.   The Navy had other plans, citing Naval discipline, morale, protecting the reputation and honor of the elite Navy unit and allowing the SEAL command to have the final say on policing their own. 

The Commander-in-Chief heard enough from the whining bleeding hearts at the Navy and had his most recent Secretary of Defense, war veteran, top lobbyist for US weapons giant Raytheon, former beautician to the stars, and enthusiastic “Always Trumper!”, as one wag has it [1] fire the Secretary of the Navy, a man the Defense Secretary publicly denounced as both sneaky and disloyal.  

Some other unrelated, very troubling intel from that same Navy Times article:

This one involved what’s called a “switchblade drone” that was operated by the platoon on Aug. 1 that killed civilians in Tal Afar, according to legal filings.

Small enough to be transported in a backpack, the quiet, hovering UAVs can unleash tiny, but potent, missiles to blow up enemies, miles away from where operators are remotely piloting the drones.


Picture the horrifying possibilities of that little baby, in the wrong hands.



[1] Nah, just kidding,Secretary of Defense Mark Esper has the finest credentials for his post, unusual in the current adminstration.

Unlike fellow top West Point graduate (same class) Mike Pompeo, Esper had a distinguished military career that included a good deal of combat for which he was decorated multiple times.  On leaving the military he took a very good job at the Koch Brothers’ Heritage Foundation and made his way into government service after a successful tenure as a top lobbyist for a top US weapons maker.

Before joining the Department of Defense, Esper was vice president of government relations at Raytheon, a major U.S. defense contractor.[3] During his time at Raytheon, Esper was recognized as a top corporate lobbyist by The Hill in 2015[4] and 2016.[5]


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