Five Elements Soup

We discovered this delicious soup a few weeks back in a vegetarian Chinese joint called Zen Garden.  DEEE-licious broth, truly the most flavorful broth I’ve ever tasted.   It is also supposed to be very healthy.  This is how it’s described on the menu:


We had it several times in the days after we discovered it.  I decided to try to make it myself a few days ago and Sekhnet went to a nearby Asian grocery and brought home a length of Burdock Root, which resembles a thin, slightly flexible brown cane.   A neighbor had given us a daikon she grew in her backyard garden, so that went into the soup. 

It turns out to be an amazingly simple soup to make.   It has five ingredients, plus water.   

Here’s a photo of my second batch (those are Diakon at my local supermarket at the bottom).  Peel and slice or chop up burdock root, daikon and carrot.  Rinse the mushrooms and greens.   Put in twice the volume of water to dry ingredients, adding a bit as you taste the soup in progress.   Simmer  for about two hours, you want the soup to wind up a dark caramel color.   DEEEE-licious, and, apparently, very nutritious.

I’m looking for better health in these poisonous times.  You should too. Try this soup, I think you’ll love it.



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