Jamal Khashoggi dismemberment notes

I recently found these notes from a year ago in a pile of drawings.   They track the shifting lies told about the deliberate, gruesome murder of a Saudi journalist critical of the super-wealthy, rabidly power-mad. mass-killing “reformer” Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman (MBS) who came to rule Saudi Arabia after jailing countless possible rivals from the gigantic royal family, including his mother, I believe.  

The line Americans are always fed about the modern-day monarchy running an extremist religious state is that they are friends of the US, they supply petrol and buy billions of dollars worth of US armaments regularly.   Job creators.  Dubya Bush was photographed holding hands with a Saudi prince right after 9/11, as well-connected Saudis, including members of Osama bin Laden’s family, were allowed to secretly leave the US en masse before any other planes were cleared for take-off, and before the FBI could interview them.  You remember Trump did that sword dance with them on his first state visit anywhere as president, the one with the glowing orb they all reached out to.

American news started reporting the shifting story of the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi, a journalist critical of MBS. Khashoggi was a US resident who worked for the Washington Post.  Saudi Arabia initially claimed to have no idea what happened to the pain in the ass journalist who was last seen going into the Saudi embassy in Turkey to get some papers he needed so he could get married.  No idea, the Saudis had no idea what could have happened to him.    Trump was good with this strong denial, he noted it was a “strong denial” — which should be good enough for most people.  

To follow up, and prove their innocence,  the Saudis released a surveillance video of a man Khashoggi’s basic height and weight, dressed in the clothes Khashoggi was wearing when he entered, leaving the embassy under the watchful eye of the camera.   See?  Nothing to see here, the fucking guy left the embassy, we didn’t kill him, he’s setting us up, fucking lying fuck that he is.   Then, oy, another twist, new information from leaking traitors in Turkey, with no respect for diplomatic immunity,  revealed some troubling things including flight records that showed a Saudi hit squad, with close connections to MBS, including a surgeon with bone saw being flown into Turkey for a few hours, to do a specific job.  Khashoggi’s  body was never found, a troubling detail later explained by the surgeon and the bone saw.

Anyway, you can read my notes on the hit, I think they’re fairly accurate.   As always in such matters, the guilty parties will never be held accountable in any way.   That is how real power works, yo. [1]




{1] See, e.g., Edward Norton’s masterpiece Motherless Brooklyn.  Note the speech the Robert Moses character delivers to the gumshoe in the movie’s penultimate scene.

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