Why They Say “The Devil is in the Details”

Many people think of our reality TV president as a boastful, dishonest huckster frequently shilling for his own brand.   He’s been called a malignant narcissist who is compelled to impulsive actions (and worse) something he instantly doubles down to refute, explaining that he is the Chosen One, the smartest person ever to occupy his office, in fact, people say, he says, that he may be the most important person the world has ever produced.

While his destructive comedy routine rages around the clock on cable news his understaffed loyalty oath-tested government continues to place little devils into every detail, either by neglecting the duties of their offices [1], not carrying out the regulatory functions their agencies are tasked to perform or by deliberately sabotaging those public service missions.      

For example, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that Elizabeth Warren proposed and pushed Obama to champion, as a check on the rampant, quasi-legal robbery of unwary consumers by predatory money lenders, is currently headed by a Trump appointee.   Recall that the idea of Warren being confirmed to lead the CFPB was shouted down by Mitch McConnell and his cronies so vociferously that Obama never even nominated her for the job.

Here’s a graph of how much money the CFPB returned to defrauded Americans (mostly poor, otherwise powerless victims of predatory practices) under Obama and how much is currently being returned under Trump.   These are weekly totals:

Screen shot 2019-09-07 at 2.06.39 PM.png

This is more money, retained by corrupt financial outfits, in a week, than Republican politicians and lobbyists spend in Trump hotels and resorts in a year!

A few taps of the calculator gives us the annual, 52 week, savings to America’s most profitable predatory financial operators, outfits like the ubiquitous Payday Lenders who prey on the poor and the desperate and charge unfathomably complicated interest rates and penalties that would make a Mafia loan shark blush:    $2,211,869,972.    

No wonder these greedy, corrupt bastards are ponying up big money to party at the Trump Doral with the extremely stable genius, owner of the world’s most fabulous resorts!   They have a lot to celebrate with their fellow hungry chicken loving grifter guarding the henhouse. 

(tip of the virtual cap to Ari Melber’s excellent seven minute investigative piece HERE)



[1] in fairness to them not always out of malice, sometimes it’s mere incompetence.

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