Nothing Illegal About Being A Racist

Our ever marketing distractor-in-chief Donald J. Trump pooted out some racist tweets about four women in Congress (all “women of color”) the other day.  He wrote that if they hate his America so much they should go back to the corrupt shit holes they came from if they don’t like it here.   Three of the four would go back to Michigan and the Bronx, but no matter. 

Mitch McConnell and his pragmatic ilk were quick to defend Trump’s racist tweets against those who call the Orange Menace a racist — McConnell pointing out that, in his view, at least one of the president’s targets is an anti-Semite and that there’s a lot of overheated language on both sides.   Lindsey Graham adorably piled on “we all know that AOC and this crowd are a bunch of Communists, they hate Israel, they hate our own country, they’re anti-Semitic, they’re anti-America, they’re Socialists, they’re anti-Semitic, they stand for all the things most Americans disagree with.”  I like the way the proud single white southern man twice makes the claim that they hate Jews.  Tip of the yarmulke to you, Lindsey!    Let’s do that one again, a little bit louder, now:

Lindsey Graham adorably piled on “we all know that AOC and this crowd are a bunch of Communists, they hate Israel, they hate our own country, they’re anti-Semitic, they’re anti-America, they’re Socialists, they’re anti-Semitic, they stand for all the things most Americans disagree with.” 

White supremacists love this shit (Trump’s racism, not Graham’s Jew shit, of course), and Trump was no doubt widely applauded by a solid core of his base for taking no shit from these uppity colored bitches.   As take-a-bullet-for-the-Unitary-Executive Bagpiper Bill Barr would be among the first to point out — there is no law against an American being a racist, outside of certain limited laws that proscribe discrimination based on race and national origin.

Like the Fair Housing Act, for example.  Trump’s father took millions in free government money, subsidies and tax abatements, for building affordable housing for middle class workers.  Fred Christ Trump had a reputation for racism — though there’s no proof that his arrest at a Klan rally in 1927 was because he supported their racist, xenophobic views — it was well-known that he wouldn’t rent his apartments to blacks or Hispanics, or to any people not his preferred shade of white.   

There was also no law against this racist practice during the years he had his agents mark the application folders of  colored applicants with a “C” to identify which prospective tenants would be rejected.   A free country, Fred Christ was free to do what he liked with his property, in spite of the millions in tax abatements and subsidies he got from the government to build his middle class housing units, presumably for everybody.

Then there was a new federal law, the Fair Housing Act, enacted to end racist discrimination in housing rentals and sales, that suddenly made Fred Christ Trump’s long practices illegal.  So UNFAIR!   Enter Roy Cohn, rabid public homophobe and promiscuous closeted homosexual (who died of AIDS he claimed to his last breath was cancer), and his $100,000,000 counter-suit for defamation against the Department of Justice.   

Cohn settled the case without obtaining a penny for the Trumps (which would have been impossible — after all, truth– that the Trumps had been discriminating in the rental of housing on the basis of race and national origin– is an absolute defense to defamation in American courts) but  also, significantly without admitting the Trumps did anything wrong, ever.

At the same time the Trumps made no admission that they had been violating the Fair Housing Act,  page after page of the settlement is the Trumps’ agreement to scrupulously abide by the letter and spirit of the law, and to instruct their agents in nondiscrimination, make them take classes, take out newspaper ads for vacancies (stating explicitly that Trump properties followed the Fair Housing Act) and so forth.   The curious can see the entire “no admission of guilt” settlement HERE. [1]

The son of Fred Christ Trump is clearly not qualified to be the president, not by work or life experience, not by temperament, not by intelligence or basic competence in anything but self-promotion.   He has long been a boastful scofflaw, the biggest beneficiary of his father’s nefarious tax avoidance schemes and outright frauds.   

The president continues to obstruct justice, as he had when he fired Comey for not “letting the Flynn thing go” (and had Sessions and Rosenstein write memos outlining why Comey had to be fired, before boasting on TV that he didn’t care about the memos, he was going to fire Comey anyway for this “Trump-Russher thing”) as he had when he ordered White House counsel McGahn to fire Mueller, and then ordered him to write a memorandum saying the president had never ordered him to fire the Special Counsel.  As he did when he held on to the rejected resignation letter from Sessions as leverage against the surprisingly principled (in terms of recusal, anyway) little racist, and lied to his chief of staff about whether he still had the letter.    As he continues to do with his new Roy Cohn, Bagpiper Bill “how dare you call me bagpiper!!” Barr and the assertion of a blanket protective privilege over everyone and everything that might publicly compromise him or call his asserted “exoneration” into question.  

Trump is a racist, no law against that, but, seriously, in 2019, what the fuck?   They argue in Congress whether its an impermissible slander to condemn a president who acts like a racist, a president who strongly denies he’s a racist.

Trump never had a job he had to apply for, since he took over his brutal father’s lucrative housing empire (sold at a great discount after Fred Christ died, against the old man’s wishes that his life’s legacy never be sold).  Trump lost money in every business he ever had, was bailed out by his father time and again, declared bankruptcy more than once.   He lost billions in the course of his failed career as the Artist of the Deal, but then played the world’s biggest winner on a staged “reality” TV show that went on to fascinate millions of viewers.   He’s a compulsive liar, a loser and– it must be said again, a fucking racist troll.

He made racist attacks on many people over the years, particularly women, (his long Birther-in-Chief gig and taking out full page ads calling for the execution of five boys falsely convicted and later exonerated were two of his most famous, though women were not specifically involved) and as president called black NFL players sons of bitches (and their mothers, of course, bitches) but THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO PROOF THAT HE EVER CALLED ANYONE A NIGGER!  (no matter how much they deserved it!)  Now he has done the next best thing, telling four progressive “non-white”  female congress members . via Twitter, to “go back where they came from!”   His crowds now chant “Send Her Back!” at the mention of the Somali-born Ilhan Omar.    His party unites to say Trump is not a racist, nor were his comments about those America-hating colored bitches racist, though his admirers know better. 

Comedian George Lopez said it best, and most succinctly, “fuck that puto“.


[1] an example, from the settlement

For two years after the entry of this Order, defendant shall notify the Open Housing Center of the New York Urban League, 150 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York, 10003, of every fifth available apartment in each apartment building owned and/or managed by the defendant which has a black tenancy of less than ten percent at least three days prior to placing that apartment on the open market. During this three-day period, the Open Housing Center shall have the opportunity to refer qualified applicants to the defendant for the purpose of renting the apartment. All applicants referred by the Open Housing Center shall provide the defendant or its representative with an appropriate identification which will serve to advise the defendants that such applicant has been referred by the Open Housing Center pursuant to this subsection. After three days if no qualified applicant referred by the Center has filed an application seeking to rent the apartment, the apartment may be placed on the open market to be rented in defendant’s normal business custom without regard to race, color, religion, sex or national origin.

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