Weekend Diversion

Since virtually no American (including me) is going to read the entire 448 page Mueller Report, a group of well-known Americans have decided to bring some of Mueller’s key findings to the public, dramatizing the report by reading juicy sections of it aloud.   These Hollywood stars are doing a “table read” of sections of the report, bringing the words quoted on the page to life.    Check the short clip out HERE, cued up for you.  Kevin Kline plays Mueller and John Lithgow does Trump.

You can also peruse a searchable PDF version of the Mueller Report HERE .  Many of these lines  the actors read in the above clip come from page 290, on action packed May 17, 2017, the day Mueller was appointed Special Counsel, a day close presidential confidante Hope Hicks testified (to Mueller, not Congress, Trump’s lawyers saw to that)  that she saw the president in a state she’d only seen him in once before, the day the “You Can Grab ’em by the Pussy” tape was released by Crooked Hillary.   [1]   May 17, 2017,  months before the shameful 5-4 Supreme Court majority was cemented by the 51-49 confirmation of Choir Boy Boof Kavanaugh.

Ah, you know what?  It’s the weekend, and I know how lazy we hardworking Americans are, so, no worries — here you go:

Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 4.06.49 PM.png

This was a problem, sir, but thankfully, with the removal of the weak Sessions and the genius appointment of skilled evader/obstructionist William “Bagpiper Bill” Barr, you have solved it– brilliantly. 

There’s also this clear five minute hit piece by more of the desperate, spoiled Jewish-controlled Hollywood elite.    Will it never end?

If you liked that one, here’s the follow-up about Obstruction.

Have a great weekend!


[1]   In fairness to the president, it’s not like there are a hundred women accusing him of sexual assault, it’s not like a Bill Cosby situation.   Remember, it is a mere twenty-two women —  (all, according to the accused, vicious, lying, low IQ, ugly women who wish someone as handsome and powerful as Trump would flatter them with some sexual interest.  It doesn’t take Bill Barr to spin that one for you!)

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