Time for Trump to show some balls

I’ve got to take Trump’s side here for a minute, if only to play debutant’s advocate.

People are in the news again openly attacking Roger Stone and Paul Manafort, two innocent and loyal men (one unjustly imprisoned for seven and a half years under fake federal charges by supporters of criminal Hilary Clinton) who are being openly persecuted by liberal cucks and so-called judges.  They are being ruthlessly crucified in the lying liberal media!   A whole lot of nothing about them repeatedly violating gag orders and nickel and dime crap like that.  Isn’t it illegal, according to the Constitution that liberals love to hide behind, to stop someone’s freedom of speech?  Talk about unfair double standards…

Here’s the thing, Mr. President.   You have your Roy Cohn, why are you not letting slip the dogs of war?    A.G. Barr has already done this exact thing before, he did it to nail the lid closed on the so-called Iran Contragate conspiracy theory.  PRE-TRIAL PARDON (google Caspar Weinberger indictment).    Barr can make you look good, and strong, and unhesitating in the face of vicious attack.  Pardon these two innocent men before it’s too late for either of them.  Do it BEFORE any further completely illegal, partisan guilty verdicts come down.  

If Manafort is convicted on NY State charges (and thank God your justice department was able to intervene to keep him out of NYC’s shithole Riker’s Island prison), well, it’s bye bye Paul.   A presidential pardon only works for so-called federal crimes.    Roger Stone is another stand up guy who has helped you a lot.  Are you just going to let him twist in the wind, with a gag around his mouth?   Do something, man.   It’s time to show some real balls and put this whole disgusting, illegal witch hunt to bed once and for all.

Another idea:  Absolute Pardon!    Everybody who is under investigation, indictment, suspicion, everybody in contempt of subpoenas of all kinds, anyone who could theoretically be called to testify or produce documents of any kind:  ABSOLUTE PARDON!   Think about it.   There had never been a pretrial presidential pardon for anyone, let alone someone indicted for felonies, until Bill Barr brilliantly broke new ground!  [1]

Ask Bill Barr if there are any limits on the powers of the United States President.  He will tell you, plainly, that there are not — unless limitations are placed under explicit, written, orders from Jesus Christ Himself.


[1]  More on presidential pardons HERE


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