Common Sense

It was often said, in reply to the concern of people who resisted what they felt to be unconstitutional violations of the Fourth Amendment, mass secret government intrusions on their privacy after the attack on 9/11, “if you have nothing to hide– pull down your pants and spread your cheeks!”   An innocent person is not worried about their privacy!

Anybody who had nothing to hide, these patriots insisted, would not hesitate to let the government see all of their telephone calls, emails, be probed and x-rayed at airports, etc.  That was the common reply to the increasingly indiscriminate surveillance all Americans have been subjected to since the cheerful, freedom-loving days of Vice President Dick Cheney.  Cheney famously kept a huge safe, large enough to imprison a full grown human, in his office.   Dark side, indeed.

Presidents sometimes brag, as Obama did, about having the most “transparent” administration in history.   In the case of Obama, smooth, smart and apparently decent in many ways, I had a strong impulse to bash his face when he paused in his comedy routine at his final Correspondent’s Club Dinner to sincerely thank the American corporate press for being his “partners” in “transparency” which he correctly said is essential to educating citizens of a true democracy.   Obama was many things, but his administration was famously non-transparent and he broke all records for using the death sentence carrying 1918 Espionage Act against journalists and their sources.

Naturally, Trump nonchalantly boasts about being the most transparent president, “probably in history.”   He has said many times that he had no problem speaking to Mueller, or anybody else, that everything should be out in the open, including (at first) the fully unredacted Mueller report.   These remarks are but a tiny sliver of the thousands of documented lies he has publicly told as president.

Lately, on the written instruction of his wartime consigliere, “avid bagpiper” [1] Bill Barr, the religious Catholic believer in presidential supremacy and God’s law, Trump invokes a vague, ridiculously broad blanket privilege that the court is likely to strike down (in a year, or two).   The president and his lawyers. led by America’s attorney general, now assert a vast and limitless “protective presidential privilege” over all testimony and documents anyone in his administration, at any time, may have spoken or produced. 

Clearly, Mr. Trump has nothing to hide.   

Which is why he has already released all his financials, after the longest tax audit in US history (nothing but the best for Mr. Trump) in spite of the over-the-top coughing of Koch-funded Tea Party winner/Trump dead-ender Mick Mulvaney when Trump began talking about it on camera recently.

Trump has nothing to hide, which is why he is totally transparent, all the time.   Mueller exonerated him, no do-overs, losers.

All one needs to do is apply Boof Kavanaugh’s mother’s judicial maxim:   Use common sense.  what smells OK and what stinks? [2]



[1]    according to Wikipedia, where I went to have a long at his extreme religious orientation (no mention)  source

[2]  “Oh, God, Boof, not again with the beer flatulence!!!!   We have to change your diet!!!!”


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