Happy Birthday, Mr. President, sir

It is not often, if ever, in history that our president is born on June 14th, Flag Day.  We finally have such a man as the CEO of our great nation.  What better day for an American president to be born!   Happy birthday, sir!

No president in history (with the possible exception of Andrew Jackson, an unbelievable populist who did unbelievable things with slavery and Indian removal) has ever made good on as many campaign promises as you have.  In spite of so many sick, criminal traitors dogging you at every step.

You promised us all an unbelievable health care system, cheaper and better than what your Kenyan-born secret Muslim predecessor tried to foist on America.    You delivered.   Americans no longer need to live in fear of going bankrupt to receive treatment for life threatening medical conditions.    You are the man!

You promised unbelievable tax breaks, and you delivered them!

You promised to protect us from the hordes of raping, murdering, thieving illegals from disgusting places like Mexico.   Although the great WALL you promised is still under construction, in spite of its being sabotaged all along by open borders traitors, you have nonetheless done unbelievable things at the southern border.  Your incarceration of thousands of illegal children grabbed from their “parents” is but one unbelievably great thing you’ve done down there.   Way to show those criminal fucks who’s boss, sir!  (We all know that “asylum” is just Spanish slang for “we want to rape your precious white children”!)

You gave us a solid, loyal right-wing Supreme Court majority!   And a record number of Federalist Society-vetted ideologically pure federal judges for life.   A grateful nation of unborn embryos (as well as captains of industry) salutes you, sir!

Whatever your many enemies constantly say about you, sir, and most of it can be dismissed as the partisan BULLSHIT that it is, you are an unbelievable winner and they are unbelievable, complete and total losers!   You will fight until everybody is dead, which is why so many people love you!

Happy birthday, my man!  Many, many more!

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