Who is John Dean and why are Trump and FOX attacking him so hard?

Americans are famously, and tragically, uncurious about history and placing anything that happens today into any kind of historical context.   My own beloved Sekhnet tells me frequently that she always hated history class in school.  We attribute that to bad teachers giving her crap history books to read.   Anytime she sees a great documentary about the past, she finds it fascinating.  The past is fascinating.

John Dean testified the other day, and was slammed as a perjurer by Republicans intent on shutting him up about whatever he had to say about the parallels between Nixon’s downfall and what is coming for the even more openly corrupt and disdainful Trump.    One angry Judiciary Committee member hammered Dean at length about his perjury as an intro to his main point: who can believe a convicted liar like you, Dean?   How dare you come here and lie again, trying to bring down the greatest American president in history?!!!  

History, again.   Whatever this Trump thing is, it’s not a great president.

At the start of the Watergate investigation that led to Nixon’s resignation, John Dean committed perjury to obstruct justice, to defend Nixon, a man he knew to be guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors, a man he’d advised to come clean.  He lied to protect his boss, he was a loyal soldier.   Then the feds flipped him.   

In Trumpworld rather than a penitent truth-teller, John Dean became a rat.   John Dean, the fucking rat, brought down the Nixon presidency by telling the truth, after lying to protect him.   How can America trust a goddamned rat like that?

Here’s a short article that will give you the bones of what fucking rat John Dean did and how it ended in a corrupt president being forced to resign in disgrace.  You wouldn’t want somebody like Don McGahn getting any ideas from an article like this!

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